half mast or half full?

What’s not up with the flag?

With all due respect for President Ford, why is the flag still at half-staff? He was buried on January 3, and today is January 24, three weeks later. I was under the impression that the flag is supposed to be lowered for one week following the death of such an esteemed person. Actually, I thought it was supposed to be three days, but then someone told me it’s a week. I still think it is supposed to be lowered for three days, but I’m willing to accept that I’m wrong about that. What I know I’m not wrong about is three weeks. Did everyone else forget the rule? Are they waiting for some kind of signal, something in the mail, or a siren to blow before putting the flag back up again? Is this happening everywhere across the country or just my fabulous corner of New Jersey?

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One thought on “half mast or half full?

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