mazda 3 – 40 miles per gallon

for 20 years i had driven nothing but nissan, the nissan sentra to be exact, because it was a small, reliable car that ran forever, almost 200,000 miles each one. i like silver cars because they don’t show the dirt as easily as others. nothing looks better than a white or black car, but only immediately after washing and waxing. in five minutes, the luster will start to fade because the contrast shows up the dirt too easily.

a little more than a year ago it was time for a new car, and of course i went straight for the sentra, and then i went straight for the bucket to throw up in. eww. it looked bad, really bad.

i did research, compared prices, listed what i wanted and didn’t want in my car:

stick shift, sunroof, mp3/ipod connection, cheap sticker price, good MPG, and an excellent review on

when i boiled it all down, the answer was the 2007 mazda 3.

using Mobil 1 synthetic oil for each oil change at about 5,000 miles, i’m getting about 40 MPG.

the Smart Car isn’t worth the money for what it gets per mile.

i’m not about commercial endorsements, but i would like to know, during all this oil price through the roof thing, why isn’t the mazda 3 getting more attention?

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