- this week in the GOP

Let’s see how the GOP candidates are doing this week:


Hermain Cain – accused of harassment again, this time by a woman who does not want to be anonymous, like the other accusers.  That she wants to be on camera, and that she’s attractive in a “cougar” kind of way makes me think she’s just trying to get her picture and name on the gossip shows like “Access Hollywood” and “TMZ.”  It’s hard for me to take her seriously because she complained that Cain harassed her when she was working for him.  Then she left his company.  Then later, when out of work, she called him and asked if he could help her get a job, and that’s when he harassed her again.  The way I see it, she came back to him after being harassed.  That’s almost asking for it.  I’m not saying Cain did a good thing.  Clearly he didn’t.  However, since she already knew what he was like, and she asked him for a favor, she had to expect what he would do.  If she didn’t foresee that, she’s an idiot.  Well, she’s probably an idiot either way, but now she’s a bigger idiot.

Michelle Bachman – accused CBS news of a media bias against her because an e-mail was leaked that stated that CBS was planning on asking fewer questions to her because of how low her percentages are coming in.  4%.  Sorry, Michelle, that’s not a media bias.  That’s smart programming.  If you’re clearly not anyone that the GOP voting block is interested in, then why should CBS waste its time asking you questions?

Rick Perry – forgot the third department he wanted to get rid of and again looked drunk as he attempted to think.  Haven’t we had enough of drunk Texans in office?  Actually, to be fair, George Bush was from Maine and transplanted himself to Texas.  He’s no more of a Texan than he is a National Guard pilot.

Rick Santorum – irrelevant.

John Huntsman – smart, but irrelevant.  And his wife is hot.

Newt Gingrich – old, but irrelevant.  And his wife is not hot.

Mitt Romney – waiting for the others to eat each other before winning the nomination.

Ron Paul – complaining about alleged “death panels” in Obamacare while declaring that people without healthcare will just have to die.

Sarah Palin – waiting for Hugh Hefner to offer her $1 million to appear in playboy.  I hope she takes it.

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3 thoughts on “- this week in the GOP

  1. Many laffs. Especially about the part which says that if you don’t have health care, you get to die. That’s where I am right now. No health insurance, no way to pay for it if I want to pay the insanely high premiums Blue Cross wants to cover me.

    I is going to die. But then I was way back when I was a baby, so what? I guess I’ve been living with “death panels” all my life.

    Good post, Rich.

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