Lizzie’s Journal

lizzie cover

Jane is a 16-year old girl with a promiscuous past and a habit of driving her single mother crazy. They move to a new town with a chance for both of them to start over, but it doesn’t take long before Jane has trouble following her again. An admirer finds her very attractive and isn’t afraid to tell Jane how much he loves seeing her at school every day. But there’s someone else who wants to talk to Jane: Lizzie.

Lizzie was once a very “close friend” of this secret admirer, a little too close perhaps. Coincidentally, Jane bears a striking resemblance to Lizzie. Even more coincidentally, Lizzie once lived in the same house in which Jane and her family now live. The reason Lizzie no longer lives in that house? Lizzie is dead, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to warn Jane that this admirer is definitely not someone with whom she should get involved.

Lizzie kept a journal in the weeks before she was killed. That journal has many interesting things to say about Jane’s admirer.  So many interesting things that it would be the end of him if it fell into the hands of the authorities.

92,000 words – Supernatural suspense collides with an illicit affair.

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