Dreamlands – 30/32 (WIP)

A mysterious boy on a mysterious island

A mysterious boy on a mysterious island

Chapters finished:  30

Some of you might remember how I like to post chapters of my current WIP in order to get feedback, suggestions, complaints, and corrections.  I now only post a chapter for about a week before pulling it down because of my recently developed fear of piracy.  I’ve seen it done, and it’s not pretty.

My current work in progress is called Dreamlands.  It started when I was driving home from work, doing my random “What if…?”  And I asked, “What if there were a boy who uncontrollably fell asleep every day at 1:37 pm and woke up at 1:37 am?  What would his life be like?  How would his family and others cope or adjust?  How would the boy cope or adjust?”

The story is about the boy, of course, but it’s also about his parents.  No parents could expect to have a child like this, and no parents could go about their lives the same way as they would have had their child not had such a condition.

I hope you have the time to read each chapter as it is posted or maybe shortly after.  As usual, I’ll leave these chapters up for a week or two before taking them down.  If you come along late and miss earlier chapters, just let me know.  I’ll gladly arrange for you to see the ones you may have missed.

Thanks for playing along.

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