Best. Movies. Ever.

This is not a list of the top 10 greatest movies of all time.  This is not a list of films that are so “great” you have to attend lectures and festivals so that someone can explain just how “great” they are.  If a film needs an explanation, can it really be that great?

This is a list of films for everyone – the artsy folks, the blue collars, the white collars, the hipsters, the baby boomers, the semi-retired, the housewives, the kids (in some cases), and even old farts like me.  Invite me over.  I’ll show you just how old I am.

I arrived at this list using three criteria.

  1. I wanted films from as many genre as possible.  I know I didn’t cover everything, but I didn’t want three action/adventure films or three war-related films.  I didn’t want zero comedies, nor did I want too many.  I’m sure I don’t have all genre represented, but I’ve gone over this list so many times that I no longer care.
  2.  I wanted the kind of films that I sometimes land on while scanning channels, find it halfway through, and watch the rest of it from wherever I walk in on it.
  3. My educated opinion.  There are plenty of people who know more about movies than I do, but that number is far, far smaller than the number of people who I can outdistance when it comes to film study, knowledge, and education.  Chances are I got you way beat – but not all of you, that’s for sure.  I started studying movies when I was about 8, when my father started ignoring both my mother and me.  We’d sit and watch movies, and I’d learn a few things about the actors and directors.   I don’t regret a moment of it, except that time we watched Same Time, Next Year.  That was awkward.

Click on the categories below for to the greatest movies breakdown.

A. For the Adrenaline

1. Action/adventure

2. Western

3. Fantasy

4. Science fiction

5. War


B. For the Dark

6. Suspense – creature

7. Horror-paranormal

8. Horror-bloody

9. Psychological/suspense

10. Erotic thriller


C. For the Dramahaml5

11. Hero

12. Straight Drama

13. Sports drama

14. Death drama

15. Crime


D. For the Laughsprestonlacybf8

16. Romantic comedy

17. Goofball comedy

18. Intellectual comedy

19. Intellectually goofball comedy

20. Satirical comedy


E. For the Families

21. Animation

22. Holiday

23. Musical

24. Disney (yes, its own génre)

25. Concert


F+.  Guilty Pleasures

This is for the movies I’ve loved that juuuust don’t seem to fit into the regular categories – and with good reason.  They’re not right.

They’re a little – off.

They got issues.  And they rock.


Now get on with it!

what say you?

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