River’s Edge – film review


Fade in to a grainy, overexposed, black and white shot of a glistening sunrise reflecting off a river and into the camera.  Slowly, both focus and color are added, enough that we see the river is rather muddy.  On a bridge over the river is Tim (Joshua Miller), a 10-year old boy with disheveled hair and one earring.  After studying his little sister’s doll, he drops it into the river below.  A howl distracts him.  On the other side of the river he sees John (Daniel Roebuck) smoking a cigarette.  Tim sees all he needs to see and pedals away on his bike.  Camera drifts to John, maybe a high school senior, smoking a cigarette and sitting in the grass at the river’s edge.  Next to him is the naked, dead body of who was his girlfriend Jamie.  He regards her with as much concern as a fallen tree before picking up her clothes and heading out for beer.

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