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If you told me that I would ever watch a feature film that is only eight minutes long, I would tell you to shut up.  And if you told me that after the eight minutes, I would like it, I would tell you to shut up and then punch you.  And if you also told me that I would watch that same eight minutes about a dozen times, I would punch you both before and after telling you to shut up.  Get the idea?  No, it’s not a remake of Groundhog Day.  It’s a time travel story.  ‘Nuf said.

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is startled awake, as if from a nap, on a Chicago commuter train.  Across from him is a very smiley and interested Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan), who can’t seem to stop talking to or take her eyes off him.  Nice, right?  But when a soda can opens and coffee is spilled, Stevens feels like – something.  He looks in a mirror but sees someone else, not himself.  About seven minutes later, a bomb rips apart not just this passenger train but the freighter running alongside it.  And, about three seconds after that, Captain Stevens wakes up strapped inside a dark but familiar capsule with little more than a monitor and speaker through which to communicate with someone he doesn’t know but eventually remembers.  Whew.

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