Six Things I Never Want to See on Film Again. Ever.


I have ranted about remakes, spouted about superheroes, and screamed about sequels, but I have also admitted that they do have value.  There are, however, a handful of things that I can no longer tolerate.  Some film moments have become so overused that any further attempt to recreate them had better be a joke designed for a film to poke fun at itself.  And if it is not an attempt to poke fun, then I may be forced to poke a javelin through the screen – be it big or small, vinyl or plasma – the next time I see any of the following on film.

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7 thoughts on “Six Things I Never Want to See on Film Again. Ever.

  1. Read some of the comments. Don’t have a clue what anyone’s talking about. So I’ll keep it simple. If I never see another character thrown off a roof onto a car, or another autopsy, I won’t miss either.

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