Room 317


Somewhere in the middle of nowhere is Room 317.  It’s where everything ends. 

Five people will walk in.  One will walk out.  One will limp out.  One will be thrown out.  Two will be carried out.  The five of them come from many places.  California, New Jersey, and a few places between.  What brings them there is all very different.  What gets them out is pretty much the same.  There will be bullets, broken glass, and blood.  All of them will be changed.  Not all of them will see tomorrow.

All of them have very different pasts that have brought them travelling in the same direction.  All of them, and others, will eventually meet in Room 317 of a dark motel in the middle of nowhere.  The police will be there, but they will not be of much help.  Sometimes we create our own problems.  Sometimes we are the only ones who can solve them.

Room 317 is a place where everyone’s mistakes collide, everyone’s history will become the present, and everyone’s life will be in the balance.  Not everyone will live.  Not everyone will want to.

This 50,000-word suspense story is finished and waiting for me to get off my butt and pitch it.  I realize that 50,000 is not a great word count for novels these days, but it is still worthwhile for sure.

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