Connecting Flight


This story is complete – 25 chapters, 76,000 words – and will be published by Start Media approximately in the Fall of 2014.  When it is available for purchase, you can be sure I will let you know ASAP.

Chris Babbage and Ann Camillo have never met each other but sit next to each other on a plane to Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, they will not get there.  The plane crashes, and there is a brilliant light into which some of the passengers are walking.  But Chris and Ann are both certain that they are just not ready to go.  As everyone else moves on to the next world, they flee from the wreckage.

They begin a cross-country journey back home to the east coast, attempting to learn why they are not ready to die.  They realize there’s “unfinished business” that often, in theory, keeps certain souls in this world instead going to the next.

During their trek back home, they learn things:  about themselves, about each other, about being a “ghost,” and about the lives and loved ones they’ve left behind.  One thing they do not learn, not until it’s too late, is that their unfinished business is connected to each other.

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