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After more than 20 years of teaching, I’m done.  While, most teachers in my position will keep going, racking up an even higher salary – which would in turn get one a higher pension upon retirement.  Although I’m not yet at optimum retirement age, I am ready to move on to another phase of professional life.

So what’s next?   Good question.

Woody Allen said, “Those who can – do.  Those who can’t – teach.  Those who can’t teach – teach gym.”  While I do not entirely subscribe to that, largely because I have several relatives who are gym teachers, but I do consider it a challenge for one to prove ability.  So, this would be my turn.

One of the lesser aspects of teaching was how teachers are judged, which is mainly by the performance of their students.  If kids do well, we’re geniuses.  Genii.  We’re great.  If kids do poorly, we suck.  Unfortunately, more and more kids are coming to school without the right “programming” to do their best.  I could go on with my theories as to why, and  you may or may not agree, but I’ll save that for when asked.  The point is that I no longer want to be judged by the performance of others.  I want to be judged by my own performance.  Based on the feedback I’m getting on WordPress, I’m doing the right thing.

For many years I was the guy who often had to send out random notes to the entire building about boring topics that nobody wanted to read yet everyone needed to have the information.  I slowly began to inject some humor into those notes.  I would make comments about people, but I safely chose those who were friends and wouldn’t mind.  In fact, they liked it.  Some people even asked why they weren’t featured.  For example, there might have been a meeting after school about an upcoming fundraiser.  I added a blurb at the end which said, “And please keep your eyes on Mr. Smith during the fund raiser.  Last year he mysteriously went missing for a week, came back with a fabulous tan and a Spanish accent, but none of the money was accounted for.”  And people would say, “Why are you teaching?   You should be writing.  Or hosting a game show.”  I really would love to host a game show.

Anyway, it’s writing and not a game show.  I’m in the process of finishing up my third novel.  No, fourth.  And I’m in the process of querying agents.  And I’m soon going to be in the process of collecting rejections.  Everyone wants to know the secret of getting an agent, getting a book published, and I’ve been reading about it as much as I can.  The one thing that almost every published writer seems to say is, “Don’t give up.”  So, I’m counting on that.  Not giving up.  I’ll keep the letters going out, and I’ll take the rejections when they come in.  And I’ll send more, and I’ll get more.  And when I’ve hit every agent, then I’ll pitch one of the other books.  I have four now, and I have four outlines waiting.  And I bet I can come up with four more after that.  People who have read my work have said that they can’t imagine an agent passing up on my work.  However, that’s what people should say, even if it sucks.  Well, maybe not that far.  Maybe something like, “Yeah, that’s good,” if it sucks.  Hard to say.

So, in the mean time:  Don’t give up.

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  1. Hi there,

    A long overdue note of thanks for sharing your secrets to a happy relationship on my blog. I’m very glad that you stopped by and cared enough to comment.

    Your list is awesome, and reflects an incredibly wise outlook on life and love.

    Thanks again & all best,

  2. I know ! I can’t stand the states testing and I’ve said they’re nuts for quite some time. I’ve had teachers tell me the same thing. Ugh… and my daughter, whose 14 is subjected to them. I think it puts kids in a box. My friend is a teacher and she’s told me about how the tests are done and what’s supposed to be taught leaving other things by the wayside. I was not happy, to say the least. Ridiculous.

  3. Hi,

    I think my last answer got lost. But I agree with you. The best FP;d I’ve read so far are Fibromy Awesome, though I sometimes think she’s a little too self-ansorbed even though she;s sick. Queen of the Couch, bitingly funny, but she sometimes attacks her readers too much and teh Problem with Young People Today is.. Funny though a bit formulaic, though he hasn’t posted in a while…

  4. I read your comments on A Frank Angle today and found myself in agreement with you….enough so to check you out here. I’m looking forward to finding out more of what you have to say.

    • oh crap. it’s a rare occasion when i don’t know what to say.

      here’s one. “_________________”

      guess the only thing to say is “much obliged, m’lady” and do what it says to do…

  5. I’m impressed and inspired to see you following your dreams. Three novels? Get that agent thing going stat! Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you…

  6. Never thought of that before, but great point about being judged on the performance of others as opposed to your own performance. I left my career after 10 years, and I can relate to that a lot. I was a dentist, so in many cases, I do the work in someone’s mouth, but they are responsible for what they do with it next. While we could say in both careers that our work is highly impactful, much of it comes down to what the individual does with what you give him/her.

    Good luck with the novels!

    • thanks miss. what did you decide to do when you left dentistry?

      i suppose there’s an amont of frustration in dentistry because you’re very often cleaning up what someone else screwed up. and if people did just a few simple things, then your job wouldn’t be so intricate and difficult.

      • In the last few years, i have been more interested in nutrition and health and food. I had the opportunity to start a weight loss business, so I jumped at it. It’s so much more rewarding and fun. I’m ranting quite a bit about the career change on my blog as of late!

        You are right on with a big frustration of dentistry!

      • that’s cool because i have a weight loss book that i need to finish. i just need a lovely female to pose for the workout/weight training pictures to illustrate the exercises.

  7. I read that one article of yours on why you would never be freshly pressed, and I was sold. I’ve barely read anything, and I’m already following you. Enjoy the way you express yourself. And I think you’re making a good move by leaving the teaching if you don’t enjoy it. I taught at the college level for many years, and it was a hobby for me. Had a business where I earned a lot more than what they paid me for being a professor, but it was fun. And I was sorry when I left it… because I’d gotten old, and retired. Missed it for about a week. And then found other things that were fun. I wish you the same luck. And meantime, thanks for the laugh. You’re a joy to read.

    • oh i do thank you for such nice thoughts. however, i hesitate about these things because i have this fear of annoying people. for example, i fear sending an obligation to others who would then feel the need to send it to others and others, and i would hate to annoy them. also, i fear that when i pick seven people, then others will see that and ask, “but why didn’t you pick ME?” and i don’t want to annoy them. so i’m sorry i won’t be passing it on, but it is so nice that you would think of me. i recently was given a 7×7 award, and right after sending it, when i knew i didn’t want to, i then remembered the philosophy i forgot, and then i realized that i likely just annoyed people. but you are sweet.

  8. i’m creeping about because i’m procrastinating writing my thesis (diabetes research), after which i’m breaking up with science after being in university for 8 years… enough! it’s going to be art all the way! interior design, photography, music production, or… writing (gasp!)

    i may kindly ask for some feedback from you when i work up the courage (and after a lot of editing).

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  10. As a fomer teacher and writer myself, I look forward to reading more about you and your writing. I think the secret to getting an agent is knowing someone! Have you ever thought to self-publish? Or is the at “bad” word in your book. People seem to have strong opinions about that.

    I’ve explored all avenues. For now, I’m writing for about 300 more days in a row, and then will make a decision, or not make a decision. I’m glad you have a way to write with an audience. Glad to find someone with gameshow humor, as well.

    I taught grades pre-K, first, fifth, and seventh. Great to find your blog. 🙂 Samantha

    • Those are such nice things to say. Thank you. I’m trying traditional publishing first after a poor attempt at self pub. If it works, you’ll probably know by staying tuned.

    • great to have you reading, and i’ll be sure to return the favor. also, as i said, the one key i keep hearing is not giving up because soooo many DO give up.

  11. Keep at it. You will get rejections and what someone told me one time. Laz, Just because someone doesn’t like your photography means that is bad! So true…. No matter what, keep running up that hill!!! Best of luck!

  12. Good decision Rich, write!!!! You are good, you know so much about writing… just write without second thoughts… you are a natural writer!!! You sure have one more devoted reader in me. 🙂

  13. that’s a lovely thought. thank you. i don’t take anyone lightly. anyone willing to spend time reading what i have written deserves the best that any writer has to offer. so i’ll keep at it, just as you have with your work too.

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  15. good work here. encouraging and inspiring for me, also leaving nearly 2 decades of a career (selling books) devoting myself to writing. glad to see your successes…and enjoyable to read. like the photos with the chapters as well

  16. Another one leaving teaching in June, but on a happy note, with a smile on my face and lots of warmth in my heart. I’m one of the lucky ones who had 40 years of difficult, but heart warming, opportunities…. I am a bit “concerned” (that might be called “scared” ) now about how to continue with new opportunities that haven’t, as yet, been found….I hope I’ll find a way to share the work I do on my own blogs, but time will tell…You have a remarkable blog. I wish you well with the opportunities you are pursuing! Kathy

  17. I have taught various subjects (mainly art and design) for nearly 15 years and do not have any intention of pursuing it here in UK. It’s all about ‘league tables’ and competing with all the other schools to get the best exam results. Schools will do anything to achieve this. In my department we would get ‘sent’ the less academic kids because they figured (how, I don’t know) that they would ‘do ok’ in arty subjects. Of course, being creative is not just about dragging a crayon across a piece of paper. Plus, I don’t think creativity and all that comes with it (thinking out of the box, questioning the world around you and thinking for yourself) can be quantified into an EXAM RESULT. It all boiled down to us, as teachers in the Art department, being blamed and talked down to, because we didn’t ‘get the results’. No, I’m out of all that BS. I’m looking to teach special needs and aiming to get into Art Therapy. I hate labelling and this system of producing little sheep with white collars!
    Bravo to everyone who is writing, painting and following their dreams! Great, great blog, Rich. 🙂

  18. I think teachers are our most important resource and our least respected. Not that teachers are disrespected like cops, but they sure are not supported and they are blamed for the failings of our youth. This is the parents failure if you ask me. Teachers are out every day soldiers and without them, we would not be where we are today. It is too bad that they are not given the support and control that they deserve. Btw… That photo of the typewriter is AWESOME! i am going to post it on pinterest if that is ok…..:)

  19. Like this page. There is something very freeing about engaging in “reckless abandon”. I love seeing people go after their dreams and put “status-quo” on the shelf, even if only for a time. Good for you. Thanks for the example. Life is an experience that should be…..well, lived.

    • working on it. and people like you certainly help. are you in hawaii? my brother spent a month there. thought it was amazing. are there lots of sharks?

  20. First I thank you for stopping by my Boys to Men blog and extending the oh so welcomed “like”. It’s a secondary blog for me, does not get much attention (from me either these days), but it is close to my heart and I hope to get motivated to return to it soon. Visits by one such as yourself will go a long way toward helping that happen. I think your writing is wonderful and hope you let us know when, where, and how much WHEN one of your novels is published. Very nice to meet you.

    • oh dearest rhonda. you need thank me for nothing. my writing is no better than yours. i just have more time to work on it. please keep doing everything you’re doing and you’ll earn all the likes and views and everything else that comes your way. and i greatly appreciate the WHEN instead of an IF. now i like you even more.

  21. Dag gone! It takes forever to get to the bottom! You need a new about page just for all your comments!
    Thanks for visiting my shower-head…glad you liked it!

  22. A follow-up question (though I don’t remember an original question so it’s not really a follow-up)…why Springsteen? Just a random “wondering”

  23. Well that’s a question and 1/2. 9 states, 27 addresses…originally Vermont, currently Mass, the longest Maryland and Virginia. But will always be a Yank (sans the pin stripes of course)

    • Anyway…was just at spilled the inc…saw the book…noticed it here on your site too. Will def. read…a bit curious about the thought behind putting your book here and not publishing it for purchase? A labor of love only? Or is this one of the ones you are ‘not giving up’ on? Too nosy? sorry if it is.

      • disregard the previous comment in it’s entirety if you please. i seem to have more time on my hands tonight than brains. I finally spent more time reading than asking and see your 4 on your page. looking forward to reading them.

      • Thanks…just downloaded the 2 on your site that are available at kindle. I prefer to read there rather than here, no interruptions. Looking forward to reading them.

      • I love to read, I love thrillers and spooky stuff. lol Will give me something new to read when I take my mother to Foxwoods for Mother’s Day. Ugh, her thing, not mine, but what the heck. Now I can read and people watch.

      • nothing is nosy to me. i’ll answer anything you have the guts to ask. i haven’t yet made the effort to traditionally publish, but i’m working on it.

  24. I’m glad you started writing because I love your plots and the way you put mystery into it just from reading the intro. I’m going to start reading The Curse and work my way down to your other work. Although right now I’m currently reading 2 different book series.

  25. I was at first attracted to your blog because of the Album Cover (yes I capitalize all things Bruuuuuce) you chose for your Gravatar. Is that header pic from the Jersey Shore? Oh…I also read a little of your stuff too, I like it.

  26. I like the idea of you making those boring note thingys funny! I”m a bit surprised no one told you to keep in line – they’re very ‘correct’ here. I think that’s a good attitude with the novels, I wish I had your drive! Maybe..I should do like you do!

  27. glad you are still checking in…as you can see from my most recent…i didn’t stay in and read like i was planning to. wish i had! there’s no place like home……………
    🙂 R

  28. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog…BTW…any one with Springsteen’s The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle album cover for their Gravatar photo is a friend of mine…lol.

    Be encouraged!

  29. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog thru Friday Fictioneers (thanks Madison!!). Question for you – what did you teach – subject and grade? I always wanted to be a teacher, worked toward that all through college, but I think my priorities have changed. Weird to realize that your dream is no longer your dream. I love your blog and I love the posts. Thanks for reading my musings. 🙂

    • i will go check that out. i usually shy away from awards only because of the part where i pass it on to others. i always fear that someone will be insulted that i did not choose them.

  30. Hello Rich…

    Have you considered self publishing your books as an ebook on Amazon.com? It is an excellent way to build up an audience for your work and for some authors it is the only way to get published. As for myself I mostly purchase the books written by “Indie Authors” many of whom as just as good as the so called professional authors whom the publishers are pricing out of the market with their high prices.

  31. As a teacher, I’ve always detested that woody Allen line though I love lots of his other aphorisms and he didn’t make that up either but he may have popularized it. How would people “do” if they weren’t shown how to…write on!

  32. I know. I know. I know…but don’t care. You are on my list and even though you wont take it…you can come see your name in lights anyway. Visit my One Ugly Tomato post when it’s up…ok?

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  34. Ok truth be told I found your blog by the incredibly yummy picture you sent to Black Door Press for the Guess the Blogger game. Strangely, I am starting my career in teaching, but am already disappointed in some of the things you point out….I’m now a follower and look forward to reading along….

  35. i really love woody allen, i don’t even know that he’s ‘brilliant’ but just so real and alive seeming in all he does. 🙂 i like that. However, teachers are SOOOO important, so i don’t totally agree with the quote.

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    • there are four here, the titles are in the menu bar. however, the one called “disconnected” is being revised, so i need to remove that until i’m finished. the others have been revised a few times, but i’m sure they could be improved by one more try. they’re also available to buy in the bar on the right, but why buy it when you can read each chapter here for free?

  37. Rich,
    I’ve seen your comments all over the blogosphere. Le Clown couldn’t stay away much longer. May I borrow some sugar, please?
    Le Clown

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  39. What a reminder about some of the pluses and minuses of the teaching profession. When I left, one of my colleagues said that I would miss teaching, but not all the baggage that goes with it! Good for your use of humor with the mundane … good luck with the agent and publisher pursuit!

  40. Hey,

    Don’t know if I just completely missed it checking out your site, but I was looking for an email address? I’m from The Cinematic Katzenjammer and wanted to follow-up with you on your interest in maybe writing for us. Email me at npowe131 (at) gmail.com

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    • My stance on awards is that I am very appreciative and happy to be noticed and recognized. However, I don’t pass them along because I always fear that I will insult those who I do not pass it too. And I will get to your page as soon as possible to express my thanks.

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  46. I love your comment “without the right “programming” to do their best.” I firmly believe education starts at the home. I went to a very prestigious catholic school. Lots of my friends are in high paying professions. I sucked at school cause of the dysfunction at home. I have kids now and they have a supportive environment for their education and to me it’s all the difference in the world. Teaching is such a noble profession. Now you can teach a larger audience with your writing.

    • your observations are in line with mine but against what most people in charge of education will admit, which is a good thing. and i greatly appreciate the kind compliments. thanks very much.

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  50. This is such an insightful post. I’ve been a teacher for only two years now and I know exactly what you mean about teachers being judged. It’s without doubt the hardest job in the world – teaching somebody else from the very start.

    • Feel free to flood me with questions about teaching and education and dealing with kids, parents, and administrators. And thanks very much for reading.

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  52. Greetings from Australia,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog. Your openness and sincerity moved me as it was real and refreshing. Just to let you know I have the utmost respect for teachers who are one of the most important and essential professions in society. I sincerely wish you all the best with your writing career; you have much to offer
    God bless you

    • well there is no question that your comment is the nicest thing i will hear all day, week, and probably month as well. thanks very much and the best wishes back at you too.

      • You are most welcome; the pleasure and honour are mine indeed. To speak the truth when you see good in others is a beautiful free gift.I sense that you are a person of integrity that would love to finally express that which you love through writing. I admire teachers, they have the capacity to make a difference to the youth, and are great role models of society. I’m sure that you will do well in life and I sincerely wish you peace, prosperity and joy.
        God bless you in every way

      • i hope that everything you said is true. and if it’s not, i’ll do my best to make it true anyway. and thanks for the recognition and best wishes. and those best wishes right back to you as well.

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  55. It took me 5 minutes to scroll to the bottom of your ‘about page.’ What’s up with that? I see several people from my wordpress hood on here – obviously a good thing, since I have great taste in friends — not that I needed confirmation to know that you’re an exceptional writer. I really like your style and topics and such. I’m in. Thanks for following me, but don’t expect much — Keep in mind that I’m slightly dyslexic, my husband JUST left me after 27 years and I’m floundering. I don’t use wordpress to hone my writing skills, since I don’t really have any, I use it as a creative outlet of sorts. I usually just sit back and marvel at all of the real talent, like yours, sir. 🙂
    Have a great day!!

    • if this reply appears twice, my bad, as i tried once but it seemed to have disappeared.

      i’m curious how you can know that i’m an excellent writer from just the “about me” page. but then again, i have learned not to argue with women, so i agree with you heartily and entirely. thank you very much, and i hope you find more things to read and enjoy here.

      very sorry to hear about your idiot husband for doing such a stupid thing. did he suddenly realize he was gay or something?

      i will have a great day, and i hope you will too.


      • I read some of your other posts, that’s how I know I like your writing style. I like how you divided your movies up. It made me laugh.
        Yes, my husband is emotionally handicapped, to say the least. Lots of issues. I’m a mental health therapist so you know, if he can’t figure them out with somebody helping him for 30 years, they’re pretty insurmountable.
        Favorite Bruce Springsteen song – Thunder Road. That song does it for me.
        Looking forward to more from you…

      • Thunder Road is my favorite song at karaoke. Usually what happens is most people start singing along, and it becomes a whole group event. Lots o fun.

        It is always flattering an interesting to learn that people I don’t know are reading my work. It sort of feels like being liked with a mix of voyeurism too. Occasional peeking doesn’t usually hurt anyone, and sometimes it really helps.

      • I often forget that my blog is open to anyone. I sometimes write so personally and then when somebody comments I’m like, “Oh my gosh! You read that!”
        So yeah, I get the whole voyeurism thing. 🙂

      • I don’t forget because my ex wife stalks my blog. Has attempted to use info against me in court. Seems she can’t distinguish nonfiction from fiction.

      • That’s so crappy. I think my soon to be ex is stalking mine, as well. Sometimes I put in an extra jab or two, in case he does read it. And I’m not gonna lie, I get a thrill when one of my readers calls him a douchebag. Somebody recently called him an f–ing toad, only it was on their blog, so that time I was out of luck.

      • At the beginning of a recent post, I informed my readers that my ex was stalking the area and invited them to say hello to her. There were many things said that were not nice but very enjoyable for me.

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  57. Following you for getting to the work (writing). All our lives, there is the thing we do to sustain ourselves, then their is our passion. Your readers (I hope my watchers) will be thankful you finally got to it. I look forward to reading more of your blog and invite you to mine sometime as well: http://archaicsugar.wordpress.com/about/

    And, you don’t give up. You’ve come this far plus querying agents is all the way there. Can’t quit now…. 😉

    • well, there is no question that that’s the nicest thing i will read all day, week, probably month too, at least. thank you very much and it’s my pleasure to meet you. good luck to both of us!

  58. Yes…good luck to both of us! I hope you get the chance to read LOTS of other nice things (if you were thinking of your query responses too). Anyway, happy writing….

  59. How did I get a publisher? I joined the local publishers’ association. I met and became friends with publishers. I found who was in the area and who was the best. I applied and was accepted two days later.
    You could contact the national Independent Book Publishers Association and ask them. 310-546-1818 info@ipba-online.org

  60. I was reading “11/22/63” by Stephen King, and there was a line in there that sort of reminded me that “those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach” quote. It was something to the effect of “isn’t there a frustrated writer inside every English teacher, or am I wrong about that?”

    Irony at its best; Stephen King was also a teacher before he published Carrie.

    P. S. guess you will have to remove that “not freshly pressed” badge with a “freshly pressed”, Huh? Congratulations!

    • when i was in college, i wanted to be a writer. but when i was about to graduate, i realized that it might not be so easy to find that work. but my girlfriend at the time was studying to be a teacher and convinced me to check it out. so, maybe that’s true except for the “frustrated” part. and “carrie” was his first published book and a brilliant one at that. and thanks very much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  61. Congrats on being an ex-teacher. I taught for three years after getting my license as an over-40 adult. It’s a tough “business”…and it is a business these days. I recently published my first novel with Amazon KPD and do not have an agent, nor a traditional publisher. The e-book is doing better than I could have hoped and the print book sells some. It’s easy to publish these days, not easy to write and market. I look forward to reading your blogs.

  62. Have you read “The Element” by Ken Robinson? I found it a very good read bout the crisis we face in the education system and how we’re not setting up our children to succeed, it has nothing to do with the right answers on standardized tests, but allowing the child to find his/her natural ability, the element. When combined with passion (likely the result of finding one’s flow and innate talent) there are no limits to what he/she can do. Anyway, happy writing and sending good vibes with finding an agent : )

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  64. Teacher here and I too love to write, illustrate and do comedy! I love it all and want to do it all too! I am also exploring what it takes to get an agent and I have heard that having a marketing proposal can sell your book before they even read it!

  65. Used to be some of the best writers were ex-teachers, these days, ex-journalists seem to be more ‘successful’. Like your attitude. This ex-teacher won’t be giving up either.

  66. Thanks for following my blog, kind Sir! I passed through your blog a few days ago when I saw your Freshly Pressed blog post. I’d like to say congratulations by the way. I read all of your Pet Peeves and all of your Writing 2.0 posts. I must say you are very hilarious. The humor – and I’m sure that is partly what you were going for – helped me to remember the concepts you were trying to convey. Again thanks for follow!

      • oh, umm…where could I get a copy?

        Uh, not to pry, but people aren’t lining up to volunteer for the position of model?

      • i haven’t asked anyone, and i have barely told maybe two people about the book. however, probably nothing sells more than diet exercise books.

      • it’s on here, don’t you think others have read your “about me” other than me and the two people you’ve told?

        What sort of exercises are involved?

      • the mention is on here, but nobody knows what’s actually in the book. it focuses on two things – simple exercises and eating differently. the exercises are things with arms/dumbells and different leg exercises as well as walking or biking. i wanted it to be as low-cost as possible. something for which you could just buy a cheap set of dumbbells and not have to join a gym.

      • That’s a nice approach. What about people who find cycling and walking a challenge? Say their achilles is an issue and the bursa’s (all 3) swell with extended use, what then?

      • talk to a professional. i’m just a dope who knows what worked for me after asking a relative who is a doctor with a degree in sports medicine.

      • how am i supposed to respond to that, mr smarty pants? (she says with a giggle and smirk)

        (fyi: i’d much rather be doing the exercises than reading a stinking book; just saying. as soon as this achilles of mine straightens out, i’m walking my booty off again then i’m climbing anything i can get my hands on!)

      • also part of the book is better eating as well as charts to track what you’re doing. research shows that charts help a lot. happy climbing.

      • thanks.

        part of better eating is being more in control of your circumstances. walking without excruciating pain is the first step. being more in control of the ability to get away from certain things makes a world of difference in lightening the air. the correction of those two things will make diet an easier transformation into what is best for health, vitality, and longevity. sure, money would help considerably, but what can you do when you are between a rock and a hard place? it may take a little longer for things will turn around again, but they will turn. when they do, there will be no looking back.

        ps: the sun is best any day at the beach no matter where you stand.

      • there are those who are far more attractive than me, which would help the book sell more, but it’s not a project i am working on right now.

      • Why do you do that? It’s very annoying. Besides, it would not take much time to ask a friend who knows what they are doing to take pics of you posing. BOOM BOOM you’ve got your pictures and can take a moment here and there to market it to a target audience. Exercise books sell, yes, but don’t you think a man in his …how old are you anyway ..50-60 tops, right? From what I’ve seen you are damn good looking. I’d bet any number of these women on here would agree with me on this matter.

  67. I am so, so, SO glad I found your blog. Methinks you must be quite something in the classroom. 🙂 I’ve always been blessed with really good teachers, or at least one teacher per year who was fantabulous. In a way, you’re teaching here now, so thank you for letting me learn from you. 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, from
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Cookie Monstah 🙂

    ps. Love the header!!

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  69. Four books and outlines is incredible, so keep going. And people are not going to lie all the time, so some of those people were honest. So all the best with the querying, but if you get rejections, don’t stop just because you do. Some people get rejected alot before they show up during what’s trending or something. 🙂

    (Thanks for the visit, glad I popped by.)

  70. I am also a teacher and in the process of laying the groundwork to make a professional shift. Your point about being judged by the work of others vs being judged for my own work is spot on! Thanks:)

  71. I like your ‘About’. Very honest. Good on you for being a good teacher – though yes, what do I mean… for teachers are so much judged.

    I saw a video recently http://freetheanimal.com/2013/05/hs-sophomore-jeff-bliss-gives-his-high-school-teacher-a-lesson-in-teaching.html#comments – that no doubt you have as it’s gone viral. That’s what you’d call a “bad” teacher: one who has lost interest in the delivery, the mission. You’ve honestly stopped when you thought best to. I admire that.

    Cheers 🙂

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  74. Have to mention your graphic ‘NOT’ freshly pressed cracked me up. May I steal it for my blog? Am able to create one myself but laziness is a virtue.
    The image is fucking brilliant! hahaha

  75. I am not sure why we judge people on the performance of others. It seems that teaching is one of the few professions where that happens. It does not happen for Meteorologists. If it did they would all be out of jobs. I enjoy your writing. Glad you decided this was the way to go

    • excellent analogy. i love analogies to the point where others get annoyed when i make them. probably because most of my analogies involve teachers, schools, students, etc.

      • I like them. Feel free. Not that you need my permission. I would rather read someone who writes about what they know versus what they pretend to know.

      • what’s funny is i’m answering something else in one of the other comments, and i just used the word “pretentious.” gonna be a happy saturday.

  76. Hey there! Because I’m a huge fan and you have experience and discipline with writing, I’d like to invite you on a Blog Tour. I would just love to learn from your answers.

    Blog Tour Questions
    1. What am I working on at the moment?
    2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    3. Why do I write what I do?
    4. How does my writing process work?

    Please answer the 4 questions above and post to your blog by Friday, May 30. I’ll be posting my answers by Friday May 23th. Additionally, please find 2-3 other bloggers to continue the tour. The other bloggers will continue the same process – answer the four questions and post to their individual blog, a week later and ask three other bloggers to join in. Include the links to my blog and the three other blogs you select.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  77. Hello …

    I just wanted to catch up and say “thank you. I appreciate your ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at basic photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also add my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff thrown in for good measure.

    The blog has grown to some 1150 posts now; so if you are at a loose end one day, you’d be most welcomed to stay a while and have a trawl through. There are plenty of drop-down categories within the menu to help in said digging process. Saying that, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know.

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


    • *sigh* i had noticed that absence recently but didn’t know why. my work hours have changed several times in the past year, so i’ve only recently been able to see that time slot again. there’s been a shake up that i missed. i’m glad KB is gone to midday. personality of paper that one has. BB is still the best of the best.

      • I believe IP’s contract my have been up, and CNN trying to use what they have … thus downsizing. Hope all is well with you.

      • all well here and i’m dumb for not keeping in touch and adding to the cartoonery and other things on your great site. i wonder of IP’s “build” had anything to do with the disappearance.

      • Who knows … she moved cross country for that gig, thus tough luck. I recall seeing a live shot where I swore she was surprisingly short … but then I read she’s 6’1″ (which seems more likely). Speaking of cartoons, I may have a character post this Saturday.

  78. Always inspired by people with the courage to do what they love. I’ve recently left a career in communications to embark on the journey to becoming an author as well. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your experience!

  79. Have to say, people sort of randomnly follow my blog at times (because there really can’t be any rational reason for doing something like that), but I think I have seen your name around somewhere… popped over and saw that you’re a writer of occasional fiction and decidedly a writer of novels. So I’m pretty much sold right there. But you’re also familiar with my friend List of X, and that’s just the icing. Nice to meet you!

  80. Because I know you appreciate staying informed, RM alert. … Meanwhile, I just learned that BB is 5’10”, too much for you to handle?

  81. That quote by Woody to me does have a bit of truth, although you can do both. Teach and DO. And it seems is going pretty good for you the choice that you made which I respect very much. Takes guts to leave the comfort of a job to pursue full time what you want at this point in your life. By the way, I had to smile at the little added notes you put at the end of a meeting for the fundraiser. I´m sure your old coworkers are a bit more bored now without you. Glad to stumble upon your blog, looking forward to reading more and I´ll have to check your books. Good luck with the agents and your wrting career.

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