The Rise and Fall of Me – ch. 11/20

I’ve been told that I’m good at leaving “cliffhangers.”  I agree. ____________________________________ Sneaky Bastards Are Everywhere When we left Part 10, I had again been fired for something unfair, in my opinion.  Yes, I was in a strip bar, not a crime, but teachers are treated differently than other people I guess.  Yes, I was in…

Book Review: Heart-Shaped Box

If you were to read Heart-Shaped Box, you might not be surprised to learn that author Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King. It contains several elements often found in his father’s work. Unfortunately, one of those elements is a convenient, unsatisfying ending.

1-Minute Book Reviews: Robin

Itzkoff carefully documents the assorted rises and falls throughout Robin’s career that ranged from early Shakespearean theater, television, stand-up, film, Broadway, and more, and there is an interesting and disappointing surprise when you add it all up: there were far more falls than rises.

1-Minute Book Review: A Higher Loyalty

“It could be argued that the first 80% of the book is a setup to compare his leadership and that of others to Trump. The contrast is clear, undeniable, and necessary to qualify his portrayal of the current President as more of a “mis-leader” than a leader.”