Friday Fictioneers – 8/26: “Drifting”

Have not done this in a LONG time, but every Wednesday Randi Wisoff-Fields posts a picture prompt challenging writers to create a 100-word story, poem, or whatever works for you.  After posting your work on your blog,  go back to her site and add your link on her Friday Fictioneers post.  Place.  Page.

Give it a shot.  I prefer to stick to 100 words, but she doesn’t mind either way.  Not everyone has the time to sit and write, revise, edit, revise, edit, etc. until getting it down to 100 and telling everything you want to tell.  I know it’s only Wednesday, but everyone else seems to be in such a rush, so…



“Tide musta carried it in,” said one.

“Whose is it?” said another.


“I saw it first. It’s mine!”

“Maybe it belongs to someone.”

“Maybe it was sent to us.”

“Maybe it’s a sign.”

“Maybe God sent it.”

“Maybe Satan sent it.”

“Maybe it’s cursed.”

“We did something wrong.”

“Let’s make an offering.”

“Let’s do penance.”

“To the church!”

“Let’s sink it!”

“Gather stones!”

Someone threw a torch into the boat. Flames sprouted, quickly spreading from the boat across the dock to the horse carts that ran through town, spreading flames everywhere.

“It was Satan,” said one.

The rest agreed.


38 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 8/26: “Drifting”

  1. To me, this is dark humor. I was elated to see Brainsnorts in the Hollywood Squares Author’s block this week. It’s always great to read your work, Rich.

    • dark humor it is. thanks very much, sir. as i said to rochelle, some images just reach out and touch you in a way that you can’t resist. time for me to do some reading…

    • various people approach each story in their own way. some will say, “great job” regardless of how great it may or may not be. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. however, i choose to read more deeply and find things that one might improve upon. everyone can improve upon their stories, including me. but nobody will improve if nobody points out areas to be improved. for example, one story included “would” when it should have been “wouldn’t.” maybe 20 people said “great job,” but not one pointed out that error. makes me wonder how carefully anyone is actually reading.

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