“Prisoners” – film review (B)


When the credits began to roll at the end of Prisoners, a teenage girl behind me said, “I’m writing a letter to someone because there are too many unanswered questions.”  My first reaction was, “Shut up.”  By the time I got to my car, I thought, “Maybe she’s right.” Prisoners is a fairly solid suspense film, provided you don’t look back too much when it’s over.

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12 thoughts on ““Prisoners” – film review (B)

  1. I actually thought this film had little-to-no unanswered questions – one of the things I really liked about it was how tightly constructed it was (though it did make it relatively easy to pick the ending if you looked at the scenes that seemed otherwise out-of-place).

    • what about the bloody clothes? i don’t want to give anything away, but the guy with the clothes and the snakes – that’s one explanation i need. not just the bloody clothes but also how he obtained them.

      • Okay, spoilers follow…

        Most of the clothes were simply purchased from the department store. The blood (as mentioned in the film) was just pig’s blood. The actual clothes of the two girls (and there clearly weren’t many) were stolen from their houses – hence the sock found under the window.

      • Because he was a damaged man trying to recreate something related to his own childhood experience? It wasn’t a full explanation of his motivations, but I don’t think we really needed a full psychological profile when we’re talking about someone who was abducted and drugged with mind-altering substances for (presumably) over a decade. I think they established pretty clearly that he was a damaged person (and the meaning of the snakes and mazes and obsession with children) which was enough for me.

      • for him to break into the homes of these two families, steal clothing to match the kids, cover the clothes in pig’s blood, put the bloody clothes in containers with snakes – that needs more of an explanation. for me – it’s not enough to write it off as “a damaged man.” and i’m not aiming that at you. i’m aiming that at the director.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, but on Masters of Sex last night one character told another that “women look backwards sorting regrets but men only look forwards chasing pleasure”. So the start of this review was perfect. The teenage girl look back and you looking forward. I like that she made you think.

    As always, love your reviews. I don’t tend to listen to movie reviewers as most don’t review critically (in my view) but have found wisdom in yours that has actually directed my movie choices.

    • that’s the best i can hope for. that you see the critical parts and use it as you see fit. i was telling someone yesterday, a film reviewer, that it’s easy to say a movie is great or stinks. you have to zero in on “why.” i read a review of “carrie” in which the critic said that julianne moore was “masterful.” okay – why? what did she do or not do that makes you say masterful? that’s why i love when kids ask “why? why? why? why?”

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