creationism, a.k.a intelligent design, v. evolution

i can end the centuries of debate about creationism, which has recently been semi-renamed “intelligent design,” versus evolution. answer these two questions, and you’ll have your answer.

1. according to the bible and the book of genesis, god created man first. then he attempted to create another living thing that would make a good partner to man. god started with the lowest form of one-celled creatures and worked his way up the ladder of intricate animals until finally he came upon the one creature that would suffice to keep man company – woman.

well, if god were really able to do that, and if god is so all-knowing and powerful, then why did he waste his time creating so many other animal “failures” that were just not good enough to keep man company? if god were really so perfect, he would have known exactly what to make from the beginning, and he would not have had to practice in his workshop with insects, reptiles, and rodents until finally creating woman.

2. catholics insist that god only wants us to have sex in order to create children. he doesn’t want us wearing condoms or using birth control because we’re only supposed to be doing that when it’s time to make a baby.

if that were true, then why did god make a process, that being sex, that feels soooo damn good? if god didn’t want us bopping around with each other, then he would have created a process that was sort of not so much fun.

2 thoughts on “creationism, a.k.a intelligent design, v. evolution

  1. No, Catholics do not say that. They say that you have to be aware and open to the fact that having sex may result in a pregnancy. Sex is also considered to be fun for the husband and wife, and fully embraces methods of refraining from having unplanned pregnancies that do not use chemicals or killing embryos.

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