– is there really a “liberal” media?

i’m rather tired of hearing about the “liberal media.” in fact, i don’t agree with the thought, although i don’t disagree either. let me explain.

are the media on the left, sort of liberal in their attitudes? i’d have to admit, yes they are. however, are they automatically left, just because they’re part of the fourth estate? hell no. let me explain that too.

answer these questions please:

who pays more attention to world events than anyone else?

who pays more attention to u.s. events than anyone else?

who pays more attention to state and local events than anyone else?

whose job is it to examine pretty much everything that happens in this world, digest it, regurgitate it, and make sense of it in order that the general public can understand and react to it?

yes, the answer to every question is “the media.”

therefore, let me ask you this:

given that the media is more aware of everything that happens in this world than anyone else, then whose opinion would be more informed than anyone else’s? whose opinions are determined with a better awareness of the facts, a better understanding of the facts, and a better formulation of the facts?

yes, the answer again is “the media.”

so, if the media is the most aware, most informed, and the most credible segment of society, then whose opinions, thoughts, and answers are probably formed with the best composition and understanding of reality?

yes, again, the media.

so, if the media, having been determined to be the best informed and most intelligent segment of society, has also determined that the best thoughts and attitudes are in the minds of the liberals, then i guess it makes total sense to trust the media – because who would know better?

certainly not the g.o.p.

what say you?

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