not "alright"

an issue came to me in a writer’s workshop last night. there is no such word as “alright,” although many learned people believe the contrary. i think the influence is because of the word “already.” see, the similarities are kicking sand in your face.

please don’t use the word “alright.” it’s “all right.” i didn’t do the underscore thing to show the space between the two words because i’m assuming that you can tell there’s a space there. otherwise, it would look like this: “allright.” again, sand in your face.

the english language is all ready being dumbed down by the minute, so please let’s not push it further into the drain.

i realize at this point the contradiction i’m working with because i’m not using capital letters. there’s a difference. really. see, i’m using perfectly good and acceptable words. but by not “capping,” (please, no gangsta retorts) i’m simply saving the time and energy of reaching for the shift key. (i was typing too quickly there and at first typed “sh*t key”) the point is, regardless of the size of the letters, they’re still the same letters making the same words.

thus, the lesson of the day, size doesn’t matter. all right?

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