short stories

Available Fall of 2014 from Start Media.8

Below are short stories that are going to be packaged into an anthology called When the Mirror Breaks because they are mostly about people suffering “bad luck” after doing bad things.  Following each title is the word count and a short description.  And yes, that is a pseudonym.  

It will be available in the Fall of 2014 from Whiskey Creek Press.

If you would like to read any, just let me know.

  1. What Is Written  (5760)  A man is caught between life and death after attempting suicide.
  2. The Wish (5020)  A “wish committee” investigates a boy’s request to know the father he has never met.
  3. The Sweeper (2300)  When a Supreme Being is unable to create the Universe, a lowly custodian accidentally gets it done.
  4. The Accident (5800)  Mr. Jones, who believes he has died in a car accident, takes selfish pleasure with his new-found powers.
  5. White Cotton (2200)  A prostitute reflects upon a love interest only minutes before being hired to entertain the ex-wife of that love interest.
  6. The Lie (6300)  A boy who lives in a “perfect” little town tells the first lie and sets off a very dangerous chain of events.
  7. The Shooter  (5450)   An unemployed photographer tries to blackmail a cheating husband, but the repercussions strike against his own family.
  8. The Hitchhiker (3639)   A serial killer is targeting both hitchhikers and those who stop to give them a ride.
  9. The Bus Stop (5800)  A single mother struggling financially stumbles upon a chance to make some easy money, but nothing there is a risk involved.
  10. The Breakdown (2450)  When a young, materialistic girl’s car breaks down, she gets a little too judgmental about from whom she will accept help.
  11. Mrs. Rabinski (4100)  After being diagnosed with only a month to live, and elderly but bitter woman seeks revenge against a few people she does not like.
  12. Better Days (3400)   A grandfather’s birthday gift to his 18-year old grandson is the story of how he knows exactly when Death will come for him.
  13. Her Beast Feature (2426)  A married but creative man has an unusual treatment for his sexual addiction.

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  1. I so agree with the no photoshop aspect. I love to take pictures and prefer to have my work judged by what I took, not how I edited it. If a picture can’t stand on its own, is it really good enough. 🙂

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