– i don’t believe in ghosts, but…

i don’t believe in ghosts, but i love hearing ghost stories.  usually, after hearing a great ghost story, i say, “i believe that YOU believe that story, but it’s not true.”  however, my bedroom might be haunted.

for about three months before moving in, while i was renting somewhere else, i spent about 6 hours a day, about 5 days a week, painting four bedrooms, a sitting room, an office, living room, kitchen, 2.5 bathrooms, and – instead of a dining room – a room with a pool table.

when i was painting, i left a lamp on the floor and would use it to help me find drip marks and make sure i sanded well before painting the next coat.  when the lamp was in my bedroom – no other room – i would often find it turned on when i would arrive the next day.  of course i would shut it off when i’d leave, but it would usually be on when i returned.  it wasn’t a regular lamp with a knob to turn.  it was a “touch” lamp, and you’d just tap the metal base to turn it either on or off.  it was interesting.

in the picture above, there’s a light on the ceiling fan.  in the six years that i’ve lived here, i’d guess that about three times a month i’ll come home and find that light on.  it’s rather interesting that two different lights are being turned on…somehow.

but i don’t believe in ghosts.  right.  no way.

15 thoughts on “– i don’t believe in ghosts, but…

  1. I don’t believe in ghosts, either. That’s the official line. However, when I was eight, my father’s table saw turned on all by itself while a neighborhood friend and I were playing in the cool cellar.

    I got a very big beating for playing with Dad’s dangerous tools, and my mother never ever believed that my friend and I were on the far side of the cellar when the saw turned on.

    Ghosts? Hell, no, there are no such things. But I pity the man who bought and now lives in my mother’s house.

  2. Well, hmmmm….I believe you believe that they believe. Wait…I mean to say…*grin* Okay, I have had more than my share of weird things happen but I never want to name what it was/is/could be for the simple fact that I don’t know. There’s more that walks the earth than I shall ever know. And things that go bump in the night make for great tales.

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  4. I am sure their is a logical explantion to how the lights turn on even when you are not there. What’s the fun in that?

    • i love stories that seem to dabble in ghostly things, but i don’t believe any of them. that’s probably why i mostly write about those kinds of things. oh well.

      watch any good games last night?

      • I like them too but I have to admit that I am easily spooked so I’m not a big fan of horror stories.

        I watched a miserable game last night. Nothing good at all. I did not get to respond but I think we should wager some local wine considering you said you take some to the beach. Not sure if NJ or PA has good local wine but my hometown does. Westport Rivers.

        What do you think?

      • i think i’m game for whatever you’re willing to wager. how do we bet? each game individually? the three-game series? just tonight and tomorrow? how about the wine on tonight’s game and something else on thursday’s game?

      • That sounds great. The wine on tonight’s game and something else on Thursdays.

        I would like to forget last nights game as soon as possible

      • sure will. i’m good with pinot noir, malbec, shiraz, most anything red. i have whites occasionally, especially in summer, but not as often as reds. you?

        also, considering the level of conversation we’re getting into, feel free to steer this into email or facebook or something other than public blog comments.

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