– damn, it’s hot

As of July 31, heat records have been set 2,676 times this summer, and it’s only a little more than half over.  Flooding is so bad that entire towns have been swallowed up, and some will never come back.  These floods are mainly from the greater-than-usual mountain snow this past winter, which is now melting and running down the Mississippi River and its numerous tributaries.  Why so much melting?  It’s friggin’ hot.

 Global warming is real, a fact, not fiction.  However, there are two questions surrounding it:  1. Is man causing it?  2. Should we take any action to slow it down?  The answer for 2 is “of course.”  The answer to 1 is “does it really matter?”

 Warmer air increases evaporation.  Greater evaporation means less water (drought) from where it was taken and more water in the atmosphere.  More water in the air means greater downpours and storms, including record tornadoes that have killed 650 people and counting.  More dangerous storms, drought, and floods mean more displaced people.  More displaced people will eventually mean overcrowding in areas of greater safety.  More displacement means more jobs lost, more unemployment drain, and more mortgages abandoned.  More drought means less food from farmers.  Less food means increased prices at the super market.  Increased prices means…I think you get the idea.

 Let’s pretend that global warming is a cycle that cannot be stopped.  Even if that’s true, we can still make efforts to slow it down.  We can still use fewer fossil fuels and explore cleaner alternatives.  We can still increase solar power for homes and cars.  We can still decrease incinerators and coal-fired power plants.  We can still plant more trees to both absorb the sun’s rays and clean poisons from the air.

 What if we take action when we didn’t need to.  What harm is done?  I guess businesses will have to spend a little more money for modifications to their factories.

 What if we DON’T take action when we should have?  I guess…we’re in trouble, and eventually it’ll be too late.

8 thoughts on “– damn, it’s hot

  1. Hi Rich.

    I just went on reading my old “blogspot” and I stumbled on your page but then you’re no longer there. And so, I checked on you here.

    How are you? It has been years. I wonder if you still remember me> 🙂

    Anyway, I am planning to start blogging again, but blogspot just doesn’t feel like blogspot without you guys.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • of course i remember you. i’ve wondered where you’ve been. i hope all is well, and i hope you give me a link to where you start writing again.

      thanks very much for saying “hi.” please keep in touch.

    • i switched to wordpress because i liked the “look” of it. even though blogspot was more customizable, there are more templates to choose from here, and i don’t feel the need to change it. also, blogspot was blocked on my site at work, but wordpress is accessible.

  2. I am actually planning to continue my old blog. You may still visit me there if you have time. 🙂

    it’s nice to know that you still remember me, i hope all is well with you too. even if you don’t switch back to blogspot, i’ll make sure to find time to visit you here.


    • A primitive life would cause us to lose many things, like the computers we are using now, but the things we would gain would probably make it worthwhile.

      • GoOd morning Sir. What about using letter in a bottle technique? I think it’s a brilliant idea. Imagine yourself waking up with the sun ,walking towards the shore to pick up your emails ,standing by the shore the companions of you are sea fragrance and morning breeze which fill you with peace and replenish your energy,appease your soul and inspire your mind.Imagine that great joy when glimsing a bottle floating on water that you can hear your violent heart beats when picking it,drying your hand for fear you ruin the handwriting that is the gift from the sender. We don’t feel that way when receiving an electonic email, I don’t . Genuine happiness is one of the things we lost I do believe that .I think you agree with me for somewhere in one of your articles in which you talks about traffic yuo wished to use horses .I don’t know may be I’m wrong =)

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