writing 2.0 series

Writing 2.0 is a series of posts on the various aspects of writing.  It includes the following topics:

2.0 – Getting Started – Do’s and Don’t’s for serious writing.

2.1 – Getting Help – Finding and using feedback for your writing.

2.2 – Getting it Ready – How I prepared to query.

2.3 – A Contract with the Reader – How not to “cheat” your readers.  This post was Freshly Pressed

2.4 – Who Uses Outlines? – My outlining process and how it helps.

2.5 – What Makes a Character? – How I create characters differently than most writers.

2.6 – What to Write About? – For when you have writer’s block.

2.7 – Are You “Published”? – There are differing opinions on what it means to be published.

2.8 – Feedback, Pro’s and Con’s – Not everyone gives good feedback, and not everyone handles it well.

2.9 – Poetry – How I write poetry – or – how poetry writes me.

what say you?

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