– chicken vs. egg – part 3

Time magazine, February 21, 2011

 “In a British study of children and nutrition, kids who ate a healthy diet (lots of fruits, veggies, rice and pasta) at age 3 had higher IQ’s at age 8 ½ than kids who ate meals made up of a lot of fats, sugars, and processed foods.  The average difference was slight – less than two IQ points – but that can add up.  Disturbingly, improving the kids’ diets after age 3 could boost their overall health, but it didn’t change their intelligence scores.”

 and this is a mystery?  when are we going to learn the single most important item, most important factor, most important word that affects who, what, where, how, and why our children will be – PARENTS.

kids of a high IQ ate good food and became smart kids.  and we’re going to think it was the food that made them smart?  noooo.  it was the parents.  and it was the parents who decided to give the kids the good food.  why?  because they’re good parents.  good parents give kids good food.  good parents also give kids a good upbringing and a better chance at being smart and successful.

bad parents aren’t as smart.  bad parents don’t know the right foods to give their kids.  bad parents eat crappy foods, and they give their kids crappy foods.  why?  because they don’t know better. 

when the kids with low IQ’s started out eating bad foods, but later they changed to good foods, their health improved but not their IQ.  really?  that’s a mystery?  if you bought a crappy present but wrapped it really nicely, does that make it a better present?  no f-ing way.

One thought on “– chicken vs. egg – part 3

  1. But Sir there are good parents who don’t provide their children with healthy nutrition for they can’t afford it.Don’t you think it’s unfair to measure parents’ effectiveness by things they cannot control.Does that make of mothers in Eithopia bad mothers?

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