When the Mirror Breaks – vol. 2

8A list of recent short stories, for your dining and dancing pleasure.  They still need a little work, but they will all likely appear in volume 2 of When the Mirror Breaks.

1. Faith 4,200 words

Two people of different faiths face death very differently.

2. The Alien – 5,680 words

An alien visitor meets a human.

3. The Intruder – 3,210 words

The former owner of a house returns looking for something he left behind.

4. The Conference – 3,090 words

A controversial brainstorming session is taking place inside a psychiatric facility.

5. The Present – 3,150 words

A man and his daughter search for a safe place on a winter’s night.

6. Hungry – 4,220 words

A little into the future, poverty takes its toll on three generations of women.

7. Devil’s Creek – 5,800 words

Detectives turn to a quirky, young psychic to help with a cold case.

8. The Victim – 4,000 words

A man abducts and tortures homeless people, until he picks the wrong man.

9. The Patient – 6,900 words

A psychologist treats an elderly man who claims to see a ghost.

10. The Deal – 5,800 words

A woman on the brink of death makes a deal with “Death” for 24 more hours.

11.  Working Girl – 4,600 words

It seemed like a simple fender bender, but it didn’t turn out that way.

12.  Dreaming – 5,700 words

A woman has trouble differentiating between dreams and reality.

13.  Stan and Joe – 5,600 words

Two men with troubled minds, one more than the other, are down on their luck.

14.  Brock 4,500 words

A homophobic young man can’t deal with the idea of being approached by an older man.



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