tired of the same old movies?

hollywood schmollywood. the place doesn’t have a create cell in its brain. there are only three types of movies cranked out of tinseltown these days, and how many will it take before we’re totally sick of these trends?

the first is the remakes of 70’s (and older) tv shows. the brady bunch, the little rascals, the beverly hillbillies, the flintstones, the honeymooners, etc. now i hear they’re working on a dallas movie with john travolta. blech! are we that stupid that we’re going to keep running to the movies to see this crap? it used to be that a great movie or play came out, and then a tv show was built around that. mash, the odd couple, those kind of things were great and somehow actually translated to television. but they’ve run out of ideas, so it’s cycling back around, like the odd couple. first it was the play, then a movie, then a tv show, now back to a movie again with – eww – matthew broderick and nathan lane. after the lion king, those two should not have worked together again.

the second type has been the classic superhero/monster movie. superman (twice), batman (ad nauseum), spiderman (the only good one), godzilla, and any other comic book creature/character whoever was colored in. and those spawn too many sequels.

the third movie is a new one – the unknown remake. hollywood was remaking movies at a pretty good clip. they’ve dust off something from the 60’s or 70’s, add a new face, and “pouf,” new movie. shaft, mr. and mrs. smith, too many others to count. But we were catching on to that, so they got smart and started changing the title so people wouldn’t really know it was a remake. For a while, there were lots of remakes of foreign films too.

hollywood, you’re getting old and tired. there are many writers out there with fresh, new stories waiting to be told. how about you actually do some READING and see what you can find?

what say you?

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