Unanswered movie questions #47

This one is for the nerds out there, like me.

In the Lord of the Rings fight scene in which Isildur cuts off Sauron’s finger, thus taking the One Ring from him – every time anyone else has worn the ring, it makes the wearer invisible.  Why wasn’t Sauron invisible?  Just asking.

40 thoughts on “Unanswered movie questions #47

  1. I used to wonder that as well… I eventually came to the conclusion that it must have something to do with the fact that Sauron created the ring. He gave it its power, so therefore he wasn’t subject to its effects… he only subjected others to its effects. Or something like that 😉 The beauty of fantasy is you get to make up the rules as you go!

  2. I can answer that ,but in order to keep my Cool card and not seem like a know- it- all pain in the butt……
    Oh well there’s no help for it!
    He created the ring and held complete dominance over it. Only he could unlock it’s complete potential. The ring wasn’t an invisibility ring to begin with, it was made as a master ring to the others.
    The ring held part of his essence, therefore was apart of him. The question is- Why did the ring turn the other wearers invisible? Where did that function come from? (“One ring to rule them all” – Invisibility! )
    That is my question.

      • What I am asking is, why does everyone else become invisible. The function of the ring wasn’t invisibility. Sauron wasn’t invisible because he used the ring to rule the minds of other rulers not to be invisible.

      • No clue. That’s one of those fantasy things that you have to accept, that it makes the wearer invisible. however, if it’s going to do it to one, why not all?

  3. ok now I have got to watch it all over again just to see at which paticular second he put on the ring, if he did in fact really put it on completely, how he put it on, how long he put it on for and compare it with how all the others wore the ring….come back with an answer soon – maybe.

  4. So, what I understand is the ring doesn’t actually make the wearer invisible, rather, it places the wearer into a shadowy realm, somewhere between the regular physical world and someplace else (an underworld) and while part of that other world the wearer would become harder to see, shadowy, however, Sauron being nearly a god was not diminished while existing in these multiple realms. Is that clear of tar?

    • i was thinking, with influence of someone else, that because sauron was evil, he wasn’t affected the same way, so that sounds similar, just yours is more specific. i’m good with that.

  5. because without it there is no story…always the case, a leap of faith to begin. kudos for your alertness, tho’ the rest was taken over by the power of fantasy and worked your imagination overtime 🙂
    can you imagine the lit agent’s response if a publisher asked THAT question? he’d stammer and make up something…but no one asked, till now!

    • Then I’m more specialerer than I thought. When I need to block out distractions and write, I play all three LOTR movies. Or harry potter. I tried Indiana Jones, but i can’t look away from the screen when those are on.

  6. The ring gives power in relation to the strength of the wearer.
    One basic power it has, is to show things as they really are as seen by the Maia. In the world, each living thing has lifeforce and power. Most people are quite small lights, but some are big.

    When he puts on the ring, Frodo sees into the shadow realm. He sees the true forms of the elves, and the wraiths. He passes into that…I’ll say dimension for lack of a better world, but even when he passes into that realm, he is still where he is.

    Notice that in the shadow realm, the wraiths can see Frodo. The book shows that Gandalf can too if you pay attention. This is because they always extend into that realm. The ring-wraiths are there because they have been pulled into it by the possession of the nine rings, and Gandalf, because he is a maia.

    Creatures of great power are not made invisible by the ring. Tom Bombadill was not. Sauron (also a maia) is not. This detail was not something just made for the movie, because in the story Isildor cut the ring from Sauron’s finger, and to do so he must have seen it.

  7. Tom Bombadil always gets cut out because his story is completely self contained. He lives in a bubble and does not normally interact with the outside world.

    He’s from the Fellowship of the Ring, and I miss him.

    Old Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo.
    bright blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow.

    Can you tell that I’ve read that book …Alot!


  8. Because because Sauron is a maiar, he lives in the spirit world as well as the real world…when a mortal wears the ring they are taken into the spirit world. But immortals exist in both worlds and the ring has no power over them…

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