The Great Movie Post – intro

This is not a list of the top 10 greatest movies of all time.  This is not a list of films that are so “great” you have to attend lectures and festivals so that someone can explain just how “great” they are.  If a film needs an explanation, can it really be that great?

This is a list of films for everyone – the artsy folks, the blue collars, the white collars, the hipsters, the baby boomers, the semi-retired, the housewives, the kids (in some cases), and even old farts like me.  Invite me over.  I’ll show you just how old I am.

I arrived at this list using three criteria.

  1. I wanted films from as many genre as possible.  I know I didn’t cover everything, but I didn’t want three action/adventure films or three war-related films.  I didn’t want zero comedies, nor did I want too many.  I’m sure I don’t have all genre represented, but I’ve gone over this list so many times that I no longer care.
  2.  I wanted the kind of films that I sometimes find while scanning channels, and find a film halfway through, but I’ll watch the rest of it from wherever I walk in on it.
  3. My educated opinion.  There are plenty of people who know more about movies than I do, but that number is far, far smaller than the number of people who I can outdistance when it comes to film study, knowledge, and education.  Chances are I got you way beat – but not all of you, that’s for sure.  I started studying movies when I was about 8, when my father started ignoring both my mother and me.  We’d sit and watch movies, and I’d learn a few things about the actors and directors.   I don’t regret a moment of it, except that time we watched Same Time, Next Year.  That was awkward.

I was going to have an item #4, which was that no film could have been adapted from a book because I didn’t want any of the filmmakers to have a head start.  However, that would have excluded more than half of the list, including my single favorite, so I trashed item 4.

I chose one film from 25 genre.  I’m sure there are more than I have used, but I only used the ones that I either care about or thought of.  Feel free to point out others that did not come to mind.  The 25 genre are broken into five categories, so I’ll tackle five films in each post because I know it can get annoying to read too much about one thing at one time.  I know you have other things to do, and reading blog posts is not chief among them, even if it’s mine.

These aren’t the movies – just the genre.  I know, right?

A. For the Adrenaline

Way better song than movie.

1. Action/adventure

When the action takes place in out of the ordinary locations and, with a great stretch of imagination, could actually happen, unlike science fiction

2. Western

Really?  Horses, guns, Native Americans

3. Fantasy

Action/adventure but in a fantastical, unreal world with magical things

4. Science fiction

sort of like action/adventure but with futuristic gadgets, alien creatures, mixed with a basis of science

5. War

with uniforms and countries and really big guns, likely planes too

B. For the Dark

considered by many to be the worst film ever

6. Suspense – creature

unlike the psychological suspense, with people being chased by something

7. Horror-paranormal

scary crap involving ghost, demons, etc.

8. Horror-bloody

also known as “slasher”

9. Psychological/suspense

the ones that mess with your head and mislead you into thinking shit that you later realize was wrong

10. Erotic thriller

still messing with your head, but with nudity and at least a suggestion of sex

III. For the Individuals

11. Hero

Keanu Reeves as “Hamlet”

when an individual either gains a super power or uses great ability to accomplish something

12. Drama

just the human element of drama, but not the drama queen kind

13. Sports drama

with or without balls

14. Death drama

when a movie pulls us into someone life, and the only way to end the story is with their death

15. Crime

Mobs, gangs, cops, I see dead people.  There goes another one.

D. For the Laughs

love the show “jackass”

16. Romantic comedy

politically correct for “chick flick”

17. Goofball comedy

when stupid people do stupid things and we love it

18. Intellectual comedy

when you really have to listen to the dialogue

19. Intellectually goofball comedy

a combination of goofball moments with witty dialogue mixed in

20. Satirical comedy

when it makes fun of something that we already know about

5. For the Families

everybody love mickey

21. Animation

cartoons, stop motion, CGI, paper dolls

22. Holiday

Politically correct way of saying “Christmas”

23. Musical

when people suddenly break out in song and dance without necessarily being gay

24. Disney

Because there are enough that they deserve their own category

25. Concert

when a band performs live on stage with cameras rolling

what’s in the box?

6.  Guilty Pleasures

This is for the movies I’ve loved that juuuust don’t seem to fit into the regular categories, and with good reason.  They’re not right.  They’re a little – off.  They got issues.  And they rock.


The Wild Card

Something that I just couldn’t place above but wanted to mention

At this point, you might have noticed that I’ve got about 800 words and haven’t even mentioned one movie yet.  Sucks, I know, to read that much and now learn you have to wait until the next post just to see the first group.  I’ll hope you’re interested enough to come back for the actual movies.  Feel free to leave your nominations in the comments.  They won’t sway my opinions, but it could start a nice conversation.  Or a fight.

Coming soon:  For the Adrenaline

42 thoughts on “The Great Movie Post – intro

  1. I’m not a big movie person but I’m looking forward to reading your choices particularly those that fall under the psychological, crime and intellectual comedy genres.
    My favourite movie of all time is A Few Good Men – it’s a good story and the dialogue sparkles.

  2. Lotsa categories! Logically you should have a movie for each of the categories. That would really keep you busy. The top ten game is a magnet – for tall of us top ten suckers. Top ten movies, top ten ballplayers, top ten books – of all time of course.
    Waiting to see your list.

  3. OOOhhhhh movies. Love. I am not a fan of watching ANY sports, but will watch and adore nearly any sports movie. Rememer the Titans – hello Disney + Sport. Also, comedy action is another favourite category. The Rundown, Nothing to Lose. And pretty much any Will Ferrell and/or Jon Heder movie to fulfill the “stupid funny” category. Don’t get me started on Disney Animated movies. I have nearly every one pre-Pocahontas. Thrilled to see your lists. I wonder where the John Hughes-ish 80s/90s classic movies like Bueller and Footloose fit in.

      • More magic and talking animals and dishes and princess-y princesses then. More Walt-like (because I’m totally an expert on that). Princess and the Frog is getting back to the basic Disney perfection though.

      • i think Hercules was under appreciated. and Lilo n Stitch. i adored both of them, but they rarely get mentioned. the music is important to me. they’ve got solid music.

      • I’ve come to appreciate them more over time. I may collect more later, but gotta get the first 30 or so complete before I keep going! And now with Pixar too…. I’ll never catch up! ha.

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