Writing 4.6 – Ready to Be a Writer?

Too many writers quit, and that could allow less talented people to get published more often. Each time a writer quits pitching, it allows someone else’s manuscript to get into the hands of an agent or publisher. Maybe you’re just not ready yet.

Writing 4.4 – Breaking the Rules

You’ve probably heard people say “You have to know the rules before you can break them.” For a long time I wasn’t sure what that meant, not until I realized I had been doing exactly that. Here are some rules about breaking rules.

The Basement

“Bad boy, staring at my legs like that.” She pushed the toe of her shoe against his shoulder, rocking him gently. “That’s what gets you into trouble. First you’re staring. Then touching. Then. Well, then you go too far is all, and then I have to clean up the mess.”

From Whiskey Creek Press & Start Publishing

Connecting Flight, a book born from a news item back in Nov. 2011, is finally available for purchase from Whiskey Creek Press. When the Mirror Breaks is my first collection of 13 short stories. Volume II coming next year. Thanks to those Word Pressers who helped make it happen.

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Writing 4.0 – “So, what do you write?”

Have you been asked that question?  “So, what do you write?”   It’s not good enough to simply reply with, “Stories.”  To ask what one writes is a perfectly legitimate question.  However, while it shows one’s interest in me as a writer, I have always feared this question because I never had what I believed was…