Save the US Post Office!


Just as Smokey Bear said, “Only you can save forest fires,” it seems the same might apply to the United States Post Office. There’s no question that, since the prevalence of email, it isn’t and hasn’t been breaking even for many years. If the Republicans have their way, the USPS will be dissolved and we’ll be forced to rely on services such as FedEx and UPS. That will likely cause prices to at least double because that’s what happens, despite what you’ve been told about what happens in the “free market.”  However, there’s something – albeit small – that we can all do.

Several times a week, your daily mail delivery probably


Business Reply Mail (BRM)

includes several envelopes from companies that want to entice you to buy something. Many of those mailings likely include a postage paid envelope or BRM (business reply mail) for a form or registration paper to be sent back to that company in order to make whatever purchase they hope you’ll make. If you throw that BRM away, the company pays nothing. However, they do pay for any postage paid BRMs that are used. See where I’m going with this?

Here’s what I do. First, I take the registration or purchase form and any other papers included in the mailing and rip them up. Then, I tuck them into the BRM and seal it shut. Finish that up by dropping it in the nearest mailbox or leaving it for your postal carrier to pick up from you home.  All done.


That costs the company behind the BRM about 50 cents. Twice a week that’s about a buck.
That’s about $50 a year. If a million people do that, you’re taking about $50 million from random businesses and giving it to the post office.  Ok, it might not completely save the USPS, but it will certainly help.  And think of all the fun they’ll have in the mailroom at those companies when they keep getting shreds of paper sent back to them. Maybe they’ll rethink their practices.

Please share this and make Ben proud!


13 thoughts on “Save the US Post Office!

  1. Creative solution, Rich. My suggestion is that people start sending real mail–letter, cards, etc.–to their friends and family. Not only would it help the post office, but it would make lots of people happy.


  2. This suggestion has been doing the rounds here in the UK for a while, as a way to combat junk mail, rather than to keep the postal service going. However, I can see how it would help both!

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