Writing 4.2 – Writest and Wrongest

Do you know the difference between farther and further? Between like and such as? Do you know the differences with ’til and till and until? Do you know what’s wrong with telling me your character “lied”? If not, have a seat. You’ve got some learning to do.

From Whiskey Creek Press & Start Publishing

Connecting Flight, a book born from a news item back in Nov. 2011, is finally available for purchase from Whiskey Creek Press. When the Mirror Breaks is my first collection of 13 short stories. Volume II coming next year. Thanks to those Word Pressers who helped make it happen.

Boyhood – film review – C

I don’t write many film reviews anymore because of my increasing work in fiction.  However, I make it a point to watch as many films as possible when I think they are going to be talked about come Oscar time.  According to many film critics, this is one of them. In Boyhood, the camera follows…

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Writing 4.0 – “So, what do you write?”

Have you been asked that question?  “So, what do you write?”   It’s not good enough to simply reply with, “Stories.”  To ask what one writes is a perfectly legitimate question.  However, while it shows one’s interest in me as a writer, I have always feared this question because I never had what I believed was…