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 Connecting Flight

connecting flight

Connecting Flight – available now from Whiskey Creek Press

It was November of 2011, and a news story broke about a small plane crash. Among the victims were two coaches, one male and one female, of a college basketball team.  Without any intent, I wondered if they had been sitting together.  I wondered about two people sitting together as a plane headed for the ground, and I wondered if they might do something like hold hands and say something like “I’m not ready to die.”

I’m not a religious person.  I’m basically agnostic.  I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I hope I’m wrong.  I wondered about those people on the plane and, if they really weren’t ready to die, would they have a choice of going or not going into an afterlife?  Is going to an afterlife a way of admitting that you’re dead?  Could we stay?  If so, for how long?  If so, would we ever get another chance to move on?  For someone who isn’t religious, I spend a lot of time thinking about an afterlife.

Anyway, this was what prompted Connecting Flight.

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When the Mirror Breaks – Volume I

When the Mirror Breaks

When the Mirror Breaks

For about ten years I’ve been slowly writing a collection of short stories.  My first volume of stories – When the Mirror Breaks – is available now through Amazon and Whiskey Creek Press.  These stories are a mix of horror, suspense, and straight fiction.  The reason for the title is that most of the stories are about people who face choices and difficult situations.  Not everyone makes good choices when necessary.  Some people, sometimes, just suffer from “bad luck.”  I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in good stories.  Here are 13 of them.

Coming in about a year from now will be volume II.

I’d be happy to know what you think.

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16 thoughts on “From Whiskey Creek Press & Start Publishing

  1. I”m so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, honey, you’re no quitter. That you’re still here with everything that’s happened, is proof. Sometimes not quitting is just continuing to show up.


    • thanks miss. i have been a quitter in the past, but i’m learning to keep going. you might remember the actor Aidan Quinn. he was once asked if he had advice for young actors. he said, “too often, persistence wins over talent.” so i have to remember to be both.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I’m in education and working on my first “real” idea. By “real” I mean I’ve written an outline and prologue and don’t hate it . . . yet.

    • congrats for being in education. hopefully you’re not in NJ, where the bureaucracy is stifling. it was very difficult to write while teaching. however, once i had passed 20 years, i found ways to find a little extra time and i also think it took that long before i was what i considered “good” at it. but keep going. i have had many ideas that i wanted to throw out, but i found that it was worth it to keep writing through it because i don’t think i could fully go on to the next project unless i had gotten the current one out of my system.

    • thanks miss. great news indeed. now i have to annoy people by putting this in front of them constantly. that’s the part i’m not happy about. happy saturday and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well done and congratulations. It’s not a bad cover. Apparently writers don’t know what makes a good one; we do our best on the black and white internal pages, and have to trust the people who decide what goes on the outside.

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