#newyorker magazine caption contest #351

So, like last time, you can put your caption here as a comment.  But better yet is to click on the picture, go to the New Yorker magazine website, and enter your caption in their contest.  I can’t think of much for this one.

“No thanks.  We’re Amish.”

Now get on with your creative bad self and come up with a caption.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.


Also, click on the picture below if you’d like to vote for one of the finalists from two week’s ago.

1. “Quick, before Bloomberg bans it!”
Submitted by Rita Costanzo, Staten Island, N.Y.

2. “When.”
Submitted by Victoria Y. Rice, New York, N.Y

3. “Best decaf in town, Dolores.”
Submitted by Krista Van Wart, Brooklyn, N.Y.

34 thoughts on “#newyorker magazine caption contest #351

      • Join the club! The only thing worse is probably that Honey Boo Boo show. I didn’t even want to capitalize that.That’s how much I hate it and I haven’t watched a second of it.

      • that’s funny. didn’t want to capitalize. my kid watches toddlers and tiaras more to laugh at america’s idiots. and i remember the original show with that sad family, and then they get rewarded with their own show. of course, they’re only on tv for us to laugh at. but they’re too dumb to know that. money speaks louder.

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