I Am Old

reposted from two years ago – because you never saw it…


i was a child of the ’70’s.  the first new year’s eve i can remember was 1971.  the tv shows that left impressions upon me were all in the family, the odd couple, m*a*s*h, f-troop, get smart, happy days, welcome back kotter, and i’m sure i’ve left out other very good ones.

more important than television was the music of the 70’s.  led zepplin, CCR, springsteen (who transcends several decades), tom petty, the who,  the punk era, early disco, and everything now known as “classic rock.”

when i was a kid in the ’70’s, my parents listened to “oldies,” which was and still is the four seasons, the supremes, the coasters, dion and the belmonts, the everly brothers, jerry lee lewis, the del vikings, and anything that falls under “doo wop.”

let’s do the math:  i was 13 in 1975, the middle of that decade.  to me, of course, my parents were old.  their music was 15 to 25 years old at that time.  my older child is now17.  my music  dates back 20 to 30 years.  i am now officially old.  not because my kids constantly say so or because my students call me “granpa.”  i’m old because my music says so.

120 thoughts on “I Am Old

      • i don’t usually go until late summer/fall when he comes back from europe. he always tours in three parts. spring – 1st US leg. summer – europe. fall – 2nd US leg. by then, he’s got the show and the songs and the timing perfect. in the early shows, lots of experimentation that sometimes doesn’t work out well.

  1. Even when I was your age, I used to listen to Bach. That makes me ancient… I don’t think the music is such an important indication. In any case, Enjoy your old age, Rich.

  2. I was born in 54. When I complain to my mother that I’m getting old she says, “How do you think I feel?” She’s in her eighties. I guess Einstein was right, everything is relative. Funny piece.

  3. I’m with WhiteTrash .. they’re just too fucking young. I was an 80s child only two when you were 13, but I loved Led & CCR & The Doors and classic rock and all those shows adding Bosom Buddies to that mix.

  4. just got a copy of the ‘brady bunch’ from a friend for my 12 year old son to watch.He thinks he’s very cool and mature but he loves it and hums the tune all day – won’t admit it to his friends.though. Also – my husband is 6 years younger than me and when we met , hundred years ago, he didn’t know who Janis Joplin was. Seems I was already old then

  5. the first time I felt old was when I tried to explain to my nephew that the song he thought was AWESOME by JayZDoh (can’t remember the artist) was actually a cover song from one of my favourites (can’t remember that one either). I made him listen to it and then he saw the year of release and looked at me in wonder that I was still alive. Cheeky bugger 😀

    • oh, i have that talk constantly. my kids listen to songs that have totally lifted music from things 20 or more years old, sometimes not even that old, and it’s annoying.

  6. You are not that old Mr – THAT IS an old man who was listening to new Benny Goodman in his hey day – I love how he slumps though. Satellite radio is great for hearing old mixed with new music – check it out

  7. You mean you really aren’t Bruce Springsteen? But your icon ….

    Anyway I saw all of those shows too. You gotta get over the fact that you’re old, because if you are lucky you’ll be old for a lot longer than you were young.

    I’d like to see the odd couple again. I don’t know if it’s on DVD. I can still hear the opening music. Dada..dada…dada…….dampa dampa da da…da….

    • yes, it’s on dvd. i have all 5 seasons. where i live, there’s a cable channel called METV, stands for something like “memories entertainment television.” odd couple is on every night at 10 or 10:30. followed by the honeymooners.

  8. I was born in the 70’s and remember all of those great shows and songs. I enjoy black and white movies and listening to all types of music including some of the oldies. My kids are always making wise ass remarks about my age. I remember being in my teens and
    thinking people in their thirties and forties were old and now I am one of those people. You are only as old as you feel!Oh and someone may want to nudge the guy in the rocking chair just to be sure he is really sleeping!

    • oh, i don’t feel old really. just having some fun because my kids like to call me old. we were playing softball recently with friends and i was the only one who hit a homerun. they said, “well, yeah, you’ve had 200 years of practice.”

  9. If you are “old”, then I am a dinasaur!
    Listen to some ‘Sly and the Family Stone’ then have
    a great day!

  10. I’m 10 years older than you gramps but the 70’s was my era for music too – Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Supertramp and yes, Led Zeppilin, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull…-sigh-

  11. The great thing about being old is we got to see all of the cool bands in concert! I graduated high school in 1975. I got to see Led Zeppelin in ’73, The Allman Brothers, Santana, the Doobie Brothers, Humble Pie and so many more.

  12. Ah music! I still have a lot of the ticket stubs from the concerts I went to in the 70’s / early 80’s. I’ve thought about scanning them and posting on my blog. Maybe invite others to add theirs. My first concert was Blue Oyster Cult… haha! Good memories. Rich, we may be getting older but we’re still cool! 🙂

  13. I love M*A*S*H (both TV show and original film) and All In The Family! That Archie Bunker is something else. In one of my film studies classes, we basically spent the entire semester studying film of the late 60s and 70s and in one of the books we had to read All In The Family was described as, “one of two new [popular] programs that challenged the traditional depiction of both whites and African-Americans on television and stretched the confines of subject matter considered suitable for situation comedies” Yeah, I actually took the book our of my bookshelf just to type this. hehehe. But I already knew where to look and sure enough it was underlined.

    And you’re not old. My daddy’s old. He’s looking like the guy in the picture as I write this. Only he’s a lot darker, doesn’t have as much grey and has two small pomeranian dogs on his lap. 😉

  14. You are only as old as you allow yourself to feel. Some days I’m 12. Some days I’m 80. Today I’m 17. My day is full of promise. I’m exhilarated b the unknown. And it’s raining. It’s such a good day for this 44 year old to feel like she’s 17 again.

  15. Oh my God, Rich… !!! I usually agree with all that you post, but please allow me to say that here you are WRONG!!!!
    My opinion is that age is only a matter of how we feel about ourselves… For your info I was born some (not many) years after you but I listen to oldies and disco and classic rock and heavy metal… I even listen to Mario Lanza, Sinatra, Jacques Brel, Piaf and many many others… so what does this say about me??? Am I 100 years old??
    According to this logic I am very old… 😆 no way… I am only a kid deep inside, and so are you… Come on, you’ve just put a bug in my drink, I’ve just kissed your cheek for saving the ladybug… 😆 😉

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