New Yorker caption contest #336

So, like last time, you can put your caption here as a comment.  But better yet is to click on the picture, go to the New Yorker magazine website, and enter your caption in their contest.


“Okay, I admit I should’ve shaved, but notice the bent knee, how it evokes…”



And don’t forget to click on the picture below to vote on entries from two weeks ago.


Meanwhile, get on with your creative bad self and come up with a caption.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.

27 thoughts on “New Yorker caption contest #336

  1. “Always thigh-highs. Knee highs fail to give the leg that delicate definition you’re looking for…”

  2. Had no idea NYorker did this, but glad I found you. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but I’ll have to dwell on this one for awhile….thanks! :).

    • i will look at that. however, i usually avoid awards because of the part where you nominate others because i have this weird phobia thing of annoying the people whom i didn’t nominate. but i’m very happy about what you did.

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