Repost : a nut on every street

I love my street. It’s a very active place. Every morning and through most of the day people are running, biking, even roller blading. I didn’t know anyone still did that. I also see a lot of cars or trucks with surfboards on the roof. They count for something. During one ten-minute stretch yesterday I counted 23 people moving by. Of those 23, one bicyclist doesn’t count.

Every street has a nut. Here’s mine. I don’t know his name, not yet. He first comes by at about 7am and wraps up about 8:30am. See the diagram below: 

He starts from the right, or what is actually south, comes north up past my house, then makes a right and goes up a few houses to the left side of that curved street.

There’s a white house up on the left side of that street. He parks his bike in front of the house, sometimes walks it up the driveway to the side. He sometimes goes to the front door and knocks or tries to open it, but nobody ever answers.

 I have only seen a woman around there, but she’s too far away for me to know her age. Sometimes he checks the mailbox. If the lawn sprinklers are on, he seems to inspect them to make sure they’re watering correctly, I guess.

He has a very deliberate stance. He usually stands with his arms behind his very straight back and his head slightly up in a very supervisory pose. He strolls back and forth on the sidewalk and brings in the trash cans should they be out.

After spending about five minutes around that house, he’ll hop back on his bike and head towards my house again. He will usually turn right, or north, go a ways up, then turn back south again across the front of my house. If I’m outside, as I often am with a cup of coffee, he greets me by waving a middle finger. I’m not special, as he does this to anyone who happens to be walking, biking, or just standing around like me.

I haven’t talked to anyone yet about him, not the police or any neighbors, but I don’t think I’m crossing any lines by saying that I want to find out more about him. He might be harmless, and that might be his mother’s house.  And his name might be Norman, and his mom might be Mrs. Bates.  Or, he might be a bit unstable and, therefore, dangerous.

91 thoughts on “Repost : a nut on every street

  1. Rich! This man is a nut case. At the very least, he has serious passive-aggressive personality issues. I think he belongs in an institutional setting with a bicycle track and very high walls… 😉

  2. Ahaha. I mean, I know laughing was probably inappropriate here, but I laughed. Have you figured Norman out yet?

  3. You should walk up to him while he is standing at the door of this house and say, “Hey, so how’s Mrs. insertnamehere doing these days?”. See if he gets confused, corrects you, or runs away like a guilty creeper. Just a suggestion.

  4. I wouldn’t have worried until he flipped you the bird. That, to me, is an aggressive jesture. Maybe he is up to no good, maybe not. The way I see it if he isn’t and has every right to be there, why flip the bird? Be careful!

      • You may or may not like Oprah, but one of her lessons is to listen to the whispers inside that say “Hmmm….something isn’t right here!” That’s Life, or the Universe, or God, whatever you want to call it, talking to you. That pause when you see something odd. Not enough of us listen to those whispers. First it’s a whisper, then a small pebble hitting you upside the head, then it’s a boulder, then the wall comes crashing down. It won’t stop until you listen.

  5. Scary man the fact he keeps trying the door and it is locked but he keeps coming back anyway screams stalker ex to me. Have you ever seen him actually allowed into the house?

  6. Weird! I’m equally frightened and intrigued by this man and the mysterious house. Who lives there and why won’t they open the door? Maybe they can’t open the door. Sounds like a thriller short story in the making…

  7. Guess he lost the house in the divorce. Have you found out what the hell? I was cool with it, too until the flipping off thing. He’s cwazy. But Rich, um Paz has a point….you just out in the morning coffee, camera, robe, slippers…nothing to see here folks just takin’ some neighborhood photos. 🙂

    • you mean taking pictures? i did it very carefully. i’ve been called creepy before, but not for anything at all like this. i’ve been called it when i was able to tell someone what they were thinking or predict someone’s behavior or choices.

      • sorry, Rich, I just meant it in jest… 😦
        down here we’d walk right up to the stranger and say, “Hey, watchya doing?” And put them on the spot. Don’t care what they’d think, they don’t belong, and I’d be sure to make eye contact as I held my cell…
        sorry you got a ‘situation’ there, it really does seem like a nice area, you’re doing a good thing, keeping up the neighborhood watch. 🙂

      • nothing to be sorry about. didn’t think you were reprimanding me. i like places where people are comfortable enough to walk up and ask things.

      • i thought i recently sent you a friend request. maybe i sent to the wrong roxie. i think it said roxie hanna.

      • I’m hard to find, and there are other roxie’s out there lurking…hehehe, maybe I should try to find you 🙂

  8. Nice narrative in pics and words. Hey, i love my neighborhood too … city-wise … always noise and nuttiness.

  9. strange sort of anxiety… if it was my neighborhood, I would simply ask him how the morning, looked to him… and in the space of a couple of minutes I would know all about him…

  10. lol. What a fun post this is. Loved the diagram. lol. Too funny. Now,me, I would worry this guy would against all odds find your blog and kidnap you!!! lol. Great one. Thanks for the smiles. ~ Sam

  11. Oh i cant write like you but i can draw like that 😆
    hey offer him coffee, saw this ad hundreds of times, a lot can happen over coffee,although not sure what that lot will mean in this case
    fun post 🙂

  12. The possibilities for this cyclist range from perfectly normal if slightly eccentric to downright creepy. BUT I am so impressed with your photo montage 😀 If he ever flips into the deep end send this to the police straight away!

  13. First I’m thinking this guy is weird. Then, my thoughts shifted to Oh, this is Rich story around pictures. THEN, I wondered if your middle name is Norman. Now, I thinking Rear Window!

  14. Made me laugh – you are brave taking pics of this man. Looks like a divorced pest who cannot let go and still wants to interfere in his ex-wife’s life. Or he could be Norman on a bike.

    • could be. dunno. but i’m keeping my eyes open. i’m guessing he’s harmless because it happens often – and if it were dangerous then there’d be cops involved.

      • i was sitting on the deck as he walked by. he did nothing but was wearing his usual phillies baseball hat and also a winter coat. it was 80 degrees out. he walked up to that house, disappeared around back, then reappeared. about a half hour later he walked by again but in short sleeves. he looked up at me a few times as he walked by and pointed up at me. i wasn’t sure what to make of the point. in sports, if i pass to someone and they score, that guy will often point at me as a way of saying that i should get the credit because he couldn’t have done it without me. i’m not going to interpret this point the same way though.

    • yes, but from about 100 yards away, and he couldn’t see me. i zoomed and cropped the pictures so it looks like i’m very close to him, but i’m not.

  15. I think “finding out a little more about him” might be in order, Rich . . . especially if he is walking up to doors and trying to open them, to which they never open. Eek. Up until the waving of the middle finger, I thought perhaps he might only have some sort of cognitive delay, but that is a blatant display of aggression, even if it’s latent or unconscious. Keep your doors locked, my friend.

    • i wish they were that attractive around here. well, come to think of it, there’s that redhead next door downstairs. and that cute shorthair blonde upstairs from her. and around the block there’s those four college girls…

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