the michael jackson hair accident hoax

reblogged – because it was from years ago, and you never saw it…
did michael jackson really burn his hair in that notorious pepsi commercial? i don’t think so.
we’ve all seen the pictures of michael jackson on a stretcher with his head bandaged following what seemed like a horrible burn accident while filming a pepsi commercial back in 1984. why is it that i’m the only one smart enough to see that it was all a hoax? here’s my proof:

first, look at these pictures of jackson shortly before the accident.

notice anything in all three pictures? notice the corners developing on the sides of his forehead? notice the balding that has begun? he’s losing his hair, so he’s taking pieces of the remaining hairline and greasing the hairs on his skin to cover up the bald spot.

then comes the alleged accident. watch and notice two things. first, at no time do you see jackson before he decends the stairs, so we can’t really be sure it’s him. next, notice his clothes weren’t on fire. you see someone standing, back to the camera, then the video goes completely white, then the dancer’s hair is on fire. go ahead and watch…

as i said, you don’t really see if it’s jackson until he pops up, so we can’t be sure that was him going down the stairs. after that, we saw pictures of jackson on a stretcher with his head bandaged.

back then, people who had hair transplant surgery had to wear bandages around their heads to cover the scabs and bleeding following the surgery. today, the technology is better, but not then. jackson, who was so freaky about his appearance, was ultra freaky about his hair. losing it was the biggest obstacle for his “forever young” attitude. he couldn’t walk around with bandages or the surgery would be obvious. he needed an explanation, so he came up with the fake fire accident.
not convinced? look at these pictures of him in the years after the accident. look how much better his hair looks, how thick, how straight. that’s because it wasn’t his hair but the hair from the transplant surgery.

looks pretty clear to me.

44 thoughts on “the michael jackson hair accident hoax

  1. Plausible, yes. Conspiracy theory! I wonder what made you think of it because I never would’ve noticed.

  2. I thought he wore wigs in later years – the last picture looks like a wig, just notice the hairline, it doesn’t look real. Just like my wigs looked when I had chemo therapy:)

  3. OMG
    And i agree with Rhonda, hair is overrated
    what about brain transplant cos trust me a lot of people seriously need some brains, even a bit of grey cells will do them good

  4. Interesting notion, however, I do have proof that the hair that was on M.J.’s head — real human hair, a wig, weave, extensions, or otherwise, did in fact catch fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. However, the support you offer here the pre-fire head photos, the video, and of course, the written expertise does open the door for plausibility that somehow or another it all could have been set up.

    We must not forget the fascination that M.J. had with magic…the disappearing acts during live shows (e.g. Super Bowl) with a lot of smoke and mirrors. I wouldn’t have a doubt that he was perfectly capable of designing some sort of stunt to buy the time for hair implants, micrographs, verigraphs, or what have you including codiene, demerol, or any other substance he was addicted to at the time.

      • My sister-in-law was in first dance position (first person dancing on immediate right of MJ on the top level of the platform. She went through hell insofar as insurance companies, lawyers, Pepsi, the lot. I think she actually got sparked!

      • but hair doesn’t burn. it melts. singes. i bet he had a device in his hair that was set to ignite. i bet she got sparked from that.

  5. Rich, your hair can go up in flames without your clothes burning. Mine did. One side only too.

    It was a Sunday morning, so no hairdressers were open. A photographer had an emergency because the model he had hired for a cover shot was in bed with the ‘flu. It was also a long weekend and he was having trouble contacting his other habitual models. He absolutely wanted a blonde. My next-door neighbour, a brunette who had already done a cover for him, contacted my mother (I was 16) who, for once, agreed to let me do it. My boyfriend, who was staying with us said he’d come with me, so she thought that I couldn’t get into any trouble. The next-door neighbour did my hair. She used Australian beer as a setting lotion. It contains a lot of alcohol. Then there was hairspray.

    After the cover shots, we came home, and my bofriend started to mow the lawn. He asked me to light a cigarette for him. There was a lot of wind, so I went into the garage to do it. I struck a match and the flame shot, almost diagonally, to my hair, attracted by the alcohol and resin. I bent my head over and pulled handfuls of flaming hair away from my face. My facial hair was just lightly singed because I had moved fast, and my skin wasn’t burnt. Neither was my scalp. I just had very short hair on one side and long hair on the other. I was very lucky.

    So, it is entirely possible to have your hair in flames because of hair products, without your clothes burning.

    This comment is long enough to be a post. Sorry about that.

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