– trees

i have a fascination with trees.  when i was a kid, i loved to climb them.  there was a tree in the back corner of my elementary school, jefferson school, that i climbed constantly.  several friends and i would spend hours just talking, carving initials, eating yodels and ring dings, downing sodas, and sometimes playing tag in the branches of the tree.  yeah, we were that nimble.  when we played “manhunt,” also known as “jailbreak” in some neighborhoods, i could usually be found hiding in a tree. 


mustard - pitman, nj

Not very visible, on the other side of Alcyon Lake, behind the tree, is my kids’ dancing school.  i was waiting to pick the kids up and noticed the bright leaves across the lake.  i drove around the lake, parked in the lot of an apartment complex, and snapped this while waiting for the kids.

winter tree - buena, nj

 for years i’ve been looking for the perfect tree.  i thought this was it, but it’s not.  let me explain.  the perfect tree will look fabulous in every season.  i need to find that tree because i want to get a picture of it in winter, spring, summer, and fall.  then, i’ll get a big-ass frame and a big-ass print of each shot in order to rotate them during the year to coincide with the season.  this tree  looked great in winter.  however, in spring and summer it shows a lot of haphazard growth around the base and looks like crap.  however, in winter, it looks fabulous.

winter tree - buena, nj

 here’s the same tree, more snow, and cloudy, without the wonderful morning colors behind it for backlighting.

26 thoughts on “– trees

      • a kodak easy share 712. something like that. it’s about 5 years old, i think it’s a 12 megapixel camera. very simple camera. and i prefer to not use any photo software except for playing with the exposure. i like things to look as naturally as possible. i think my single favorite picture i’ve ever taken was the girl and the dog on the beach, where you just see silhouettes and the silvery reflections on the water. i got lucky enough to be stuck at a drawbridge or i’d never have seen it.

      • 🙂 I have an even simpler camera… but not enough time… I am an workaholic so I hardly have time to go out… That explains also why I don’t make too many pictures…

      • you’re a busy girl. i’m a retired guy with lotsa time. although, i do keep a part time job that involves a lot of driving, and those pictures were either going to or from the part time or when i was working full time.

      • Maybe I am lucky enough in the future to find a job that allows me also to travel a bit… I work indoors, I love what I do, but I miss nature and fresh air and feeding my eyes with life… 🙂

      • i think i want to get a part time job in a nursery. flower, plants, shrubs, trees. something outdoors. 25 years in a classroom can make you feel like you’ve been in a basement for 25 years.

      • Oh, that would be a dream job for me too… 🙂 I love plants and silence and nature…
        I work with disabled young people, we are working in a center that strives to make them as independent as possible… tough job but also rewarding… My best reward is when they hug me or scream happily when they know I’m working that day with them… 🙂

      • and, I come from a family of many teachers, so I know how your job is reflecting on you and your health and how frustrating it can be sometimes… The best friends I had in life were my teachers… maybe because I am all eyes and ears… 🙂 😆

  1. I love trees… I’ve taken so many pics of trees but never quite do them justice! I like your series here… I like it very much!
    There is a perfect tree in the next county south of us, Devon, it’s at the junction of three tiny country lanes, on a slight rise, but I’ve never been able to photograph it because there always seems to be a tractor coming, or other traffic! I’ll catch it one day!

  2. These are absolutely stunning,is there anything you can’t do…a fabulous writer,stories or poems and great eye for shots…

    I am a huge mango and guava tree fan..
    they are always green and comforting no matter what the season
    i have always had them in my backyard when i was a kid..used to sit on the branches and day dream and sometimes even have my lunch there…

  3. I share your love and fascination with trees. I can remember feeling as though they were trying to make contact with me when I was about 13/14 years old. A crazy thought perhaps, but when I read this I figured you would understand.

    • i love to climb trees and sit for hours, just watching the neighborhood and people go by. if you saw “the lord of the rings” or read it, and know the character treebeard, that’s how i imagined all trees when i climbed them.

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