someday soon i hope to find

long hair on the pillow next to mine

twice as many dirty dishes in the sink

a fancy shampoo on the shopping list

another car in the driveway when i get home

a half-eaten donut, of which i had none

someone else’s clothes in the washing machine

what it feels like to be loved again




46 thoughts on “someday

  1. what a beautiful poetry Rich
    made me smile…. had such a lovely feeling going through it
    you are so love love it
    oh i wish this one had some tags like poetry in it more people would have got the opportunity to read it

    • Thanks. That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure. For years I was putting tag info under categories, which may have been less effective.

      • two of my favorite words. naked and desires. i noticed on your gravatar thing it says you’re in plantation, florida. i used to spend time near there i think when i had family living about 45 minutes southwest of disney. is plantation anywhere near there?

      • What a small world! Plantation isn’t anywhere near Disney. It’s not far from Ft. Lauderdale. I’ll have to either add “Someday” to my blog or e-mail it to you. I’m an educator, too – on a volunteer basis for now.

      • ft. lauderdale, i spent a week near there ironically exactly four years ago. right after voting, i got on a plane and went to pompano beach.

      • How did you fare during Hurricane Sandy? The damage is sad & shocking. It’s unbelievable that your part of the country got hit with a hurricane – that’s usually my neck of the woods!

      • my town was smacked pretty good, but at my end of the island it wasn’t so bad. you might have seen pres. obama at a press conference that was only about two miles from me. brigantine, nj.

      • i was lucky. part of my fence was knocked down. i voted today and saw a couple of hundred people living in the gym of the community center where i voted. compared to them, i really had nothing happen at all.

        i have a friend in st. augustine, fla. i asked him about evacuating for storms, and he said he’s only evacuated three times in 10 years, and one of those was because of wild fires. so i think i’m pretty cool with moving to florida. and i LOVE disney, so that helps too.

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