why television sucks

it seems there very few television shows:

1. GQ types who solve amazingly complicated crimes in 46 minutes using tests that normally take weeks to produce and incredible computers with non-existent databases

2. smart-asses who read minds, insult everyone around them, and take 14 guesses to get it right

3. attractive women with supernatural powers such as psychic visions or talking to the dead and missing

4. former couples, now professional colleagues – doctors, lawyers, etc – with love/hate relationships,  constantly flirting, fighting, and violating sexual harrassment laws

5. “reality” shows about former celebrities we no longer care about or non-celebrities only known because they’re related to semi-celebrities, but it’s not a “reality” show when everyone can see the cameras

6. amateur talent shows with one nice judge and one who over criticizes until the contestant cries

7. staged news shows with bullies who read from a “fair and balanced” republican agenda with injections of biased personal opinion presented as fact

8. hollywood news/paparazzi shows that present questions instead of statements, which allows them to say anything because it’s posed as a question, such as “did brad and angelina adopt madagascar?”

what say you?

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