– a small star wars issue

I know I’m being picky here, and Star Wars is all about good, clean fun, but I noticed something that’s annoying.  I’m watching the re-issue of Star Wars IV – A New Hope, a.k.a. the first one.  They added a few new CGI touches that are pretty cool, but they’re also wrong.  Here’s one example:

So Vader sends his minions to Tatooine in search of C-3P0 and R2-D2, and they’re crawling around on these lizard things.  The Empire is probably the most technologically advanced entity in that universe.  Why don’t they have more efficient transportation?  If they have the ships to get down to this desert planet from up on their star destroyers, they should also have something to fly around in down here.

Luke has his landspeeder, as seen here:

If he can have this thing to buzz around in, those storm troopers should definitely have a better ride.

10 thoughts on “– a small star wars issue

  1. *giggles* Good point! That’s one of the main reasons I -won’t- watch those. Other than I refuse to admit they exist. What re-do’s? What prequels? Huh?? 😉 The only thing I admit exists from those-what-do-not-exist is the Weird Al song “A Saga Begins”. Awesome video, awesome song. *nodnod*

    I shudder for the current generation that has only those to relate to. I know two of them (You know who you are, Becky, Sam…) and I -tried- and tried to get them to recant their heresy…but to no avail. 😦

    But I lurve them anyway…and you, for posting this!


  2. The thing that interests me about the picture, is that there is a stormtrooper sitting on a giant lizard with too small legs and the stormtrooper is holding a spear (along with some sort of futuristic weapon strapped to his back).
    Also, the other ST is covering his “parts” so to speak.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. My son is just getting into Star Wars now, and I’m beginning to hear a lot of, “well that doesn’t make sense…” (but he’s 5 so usually we can explain why said issues DO make sense)…this post may be a little beyond him, but I enjoyed it 🙂

  4. The empire doesn’t have full control of all the territories. That’s not how totaltarian gov’t works… it seems they are still bound by resource restrictions, and need to rely on local alliances, some of whom provided these domesticated lizards. even if they didn’t need them, representatives of the empire may have accepted these gifts to solidify a more loyal relationship devoid of dependency. (also, i’m drunk.)

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