– cool

see this hi-def picture of a beagle? 

it isn’t a hi-def picture of a beagle. 

it’s actually made of thousands upon thousands of tiny, colored pieces of candy.  it’s also why i have trouble taking photography the same way i used to.  of the many part-time jobs i had in college, one was in a book warehouse.  there were aisles upon aisles and stacks upon stacks and forklifts and all kinds of things that all held thousands of books.  and i loved being there so much that…occasionally…i would take a piece of “work” home with me. 

most of the books i stole were photography catalogues.  the color, design, special light tricks amazed me.  but back then, they were real.  now, between CGI and Photoshop, i can never be sure what’s a “real” photo anymore.

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