Six Remakes That Needed to Be Made


As previously stated, a film should not be remade unless the present technology is far enough beyond that of when the original was made that the present technology would lend itself to a far enough better film. There is another reason – which is when the original film was poorly adapted from another media.  Or when a director or producer just plain did a bad job.  That, as well as the techno-reason, are the bases of the remakes that not only needed to be made but were made well enough that we no longer need to see the original.

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12 thoughts on “Six Remakes That Needed to Be Made

  1. While I understand the effects in the new Superman where better I’am afraid (for me) Christopher Reeves is and will always be the one true Superman.

    And when it come to the Great Gatsby I never saw the remake (by choice). I like the slow subtleness and adherence to the book. I didn’t want to watch it turned into an extravaganza. So I refused.

    West Side story is by far the best remake of Romeo and Juliet saga ever.

    That said I am on board with the others. 🙂

  2. We just watched Mission Impossible 1. That’s a perfect example of something outdated. It had two scenes that stood the test of time. I am going to watch MI 2 tonight. We’ll see if the improvements in plot and scene make it better. 🙂

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