breaking webs

Just the thought of those

Endless legs and I panic,

Chasing satanic shadows

Into corners, dusty and dark

You rise from the woodwork

Feel your way through the dark

Hide behind my mirror

As I want you

I despise you

Coming nearer

Many others I’ve slain, and you

Soon comes your time.

I wish the devil inside

Knew the pain you drag me through

I wish you knew terror

That at any time

I could move that mirror

Then, you life would be mine

And I wish you would run

Because I don’t want it.



21 thoughts on “breaking webs

    • thanks miss. wrote that sitting in my basement, hiding from a giant bug on the wall, and as i wrote it i realized the parallel to someone stalking a woman.

      • for me, a good poem is about two things at once. that’s how i like to write. not everybody of course. like the one “precious” about the earth and a woman. but the earth i’m looking at in the way of that lovely idea that “we haven’t inherited the earth. we’ve borrowed it from our children.” like we have to give it back. at it was also about a woman who is married, who i can only borrow, and i can’t have her.

      • the fact that a woman is married or not is irrelevant… you can only “have” her if she gives you her heart… that is a completely different thing… and usually hearts do not get burrowed, they can be given for a while or forever …or can get broken… for a while or forever…

      • well, then don’t be sad that it was for a while, be happy that it WAS, because somewhere in time and deep in your heart it still IS…Think that there are so many people that have not ever been loved, not even for one day… Besides, when a door closes a window opens… new feelings will come… trust an old wise woman… 🙂

      • oh i dont doubt any of it. and in the book that’s running, room 317, there are two chapters that explain the whole relationship, the recent chapters 12 and 13. they’re about 95% true to what happened with me and that same woman.

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