To Be, or Not to Be, on the Beach

This is the place next door, where Jimmy lives.  Jimmy has a flag.  His flag tells me if it’s okay to go to the beach.  Lemme explain.

In the lower middle/right of the picture above is the beach.  Upper left with the yellow circle is my place.  Between is my path to the beach, about a two-minute walk.  See all that green?  Up close, it looks like this.

Know what’s in there?  Flies and frogs.  So, let’s get back to Jimmy’s flag.  It’s not a great picture of a flag, but that’s a good thing.  When the flag is blowing to the left, which would look like a regular kind of flag, that’s a bad thing because left is the direction of the beach.  Starting to make sense yet?  Didn’t think so.

When the wind blows towards the beach, it pushes the flies out of those green stalky things and towards where I would be parking my white (for now) ass in my chair by the water.  When the flag is blowing to the right, kind of like it is in the picture above, the wind is blowing from the ocean into the marshes, thus keeping the flies away from the beach.

Here’s another picture.  It’s the path I walk to get to the beach and the marshes on each side.  It’s a nice walk, gets the blood flowing.  Not sure why that’s necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.  If you’re at the beach when the wind is blowing out, you’re not going to like it.  You’ll get bit up something nasty.  Bug spray helps, but it’s not fool proof.  On those days, I stay home and put my chair on the deck, trying my best to erase the “white” that I mentioned before.  Yeah, like that.

Coming soon:  a post on beach etiquette, what to do or not to do, especially if me and my sister are nearby.   I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you.  Meanwhile, here’s a view of the Atlantic City casinos from my beach.  Coming soon:  a post about beach etiquette.  What to do, or what not to do on the beach, especially if my sister is visiting.  You do NOT wanna mess with her.  She’s got a doctorate.

68 thoughts on “To Be, or Not to Be, on the Beach

  1. Wow. I love your beach – to heck with the bugs – I need to be there building a sand castle. I bet your sister is lovely….

  2. I hope you don’t have a stalker because they will be able to pinpoint where you live from that map and come and pay you a visit!

    Now let’s see…Atlantic City you say…flights from London…connections…transfers…see you sometime tomorrow! I’ll bring bug spray and sandwiches 🙂

  3. I hope that the flag flies in the right direction today. 🙂
    You are pretty emphatic about beach etiquette. I take it thong swim suits and blaring dubstep doesn’t fly with your sister….don’t worry, I’ll stay tuned.

  4. Re: What to do, or what not to do on the beach, especially if my sister is visiting. You do NOT wanna mess with her. She’s got a doctorate.

    LOL Any woman that messes with me ends up over my knee. NO EXCEPTIONS! Doctorate or not. 🙂

  5. It’s a great story and I feel your pain when it comes to the flies. They hurt when they bite. I have them here too with so much sea grass. Only suggestion I have is to include photo of you being white lounging in your beach chair. Inquiring minds want to see such things and a little eye candy never hurts a good story.

  6. Ah even the Jersey Shore is bite or not to bite…
    Does look like a lovely walk to he beach though!!

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