– stage 2

in stephen king’s book, On Writing, he said that one of the keys to writing is to find a comfortable place to work.  this is my comfortable place.  it’s time to start using it. 

for those of you who wouldn’t know, and for those few of you who might know, i like to write. over the past 10 or 15 years, i’ve written three novels and two children’s books. however, i’ve also been one of those people who makes no effort to sell or market their books. so i’m changing that.

i’m facing turning 50 this year. no, i’m not running out to buy a corvette, nor am i shopping for a …cemetary plot. however, i am recognizing one of the sayings my father used to throw at me. “Sh_t or get off the pot.” for too long i kept telling myself that i had really great stories in me, and i just needed the time to sit and write it all out. so, now it’s time to do that.

i took those other three books, that i don’t think are very good, and i put them up for cheap sale as ebooks. amazon kindle. barnes and noble nook. smashwords.com. they will also be available in print form as soon as i approve the proofs.

i’m currently working on a much better story that i will try to market the traditional way: seeking out an agent and trying to crack through to a publisher. It might work, and it might not, but at least i’ll know i tried.

so – if you’ve read this far, you might want to know how you can help. that’s easy. go to amazon.com, nook.com, or smashwords.com. for a whole $.99 cents you can buy an ecopy of the book. if you don’t have a kindle or a nook, you can still read the book using a free download of adobe digital reader, which you can get through smashwords.com whichever place you go, search out my books through my last name. what i need you to do, if you feel like it, is download the book and then give it a positive review. i don’t even care if you don’t read it. and i’ll gladly send you the $1.

it’s more about getting attention and reviews. believe it or not, i’ve already sold a whole 10 books. but really, it’s not about those books, it’s about the better ones that i’m working on now. from what i hear, writers need to get through a couple of “not so good” books before they can get to the good ones. unless you’re harper lee. she only wrote one, and it was brilliant, and she never wrote another thing.

you can wish me luck, or you can wish i would shut up. either way. as for the work – the aim is at least 2,000 words a day, aiming for a total of about 100,000 which is about 400 pages. then, about 100 pages will be scraped out through editing.

after that, well, not sure.  i’m new at this.

19 thoughts on “– stage 2

  1. I saw a comment of yours about writing three books and not publishing them and I came over and you’ve done it! I mean you took a step anyway! Good for you!

  2. I’m sorry. Remind me of your qualifications? Your evidence of credibility? Your poignant feedback – excluding bitterness? Examples of your brilliant writing? Or moment when your opinion was requested?

    I’ll assume I put a comment on another blog, you didn’t like my comment, so you made this comment to me.

    If you actually knew anything, you’d have come up with something far better.

    • Is this comment for me? It’s not attached to mine but … I’m checking comments and saw it, did I miss something and I need to clear the air on something? Please let me know…

      • no no. sorry!!! someone wrote a very unfriendly comment, and i was replying to him, but then i didn’t approve of his comment, so it looks like it’s written to you. i thought my reply was going to his e-mail – not here. very very sorry.

    • working on it almost every day. thanks miss. love the ethel gravatar. ethel trivia: during the many episodes – ethel had two different middle names by mistake. do you know them? also, bonus, her maiden name…

      • ha! miss! of course you wouldn’t know i was male from just “rmv.” i recently changed my gravatar because someone used my picture to pretend they were me. it stemmed from a workplace disagreement.

        anyway, my writing is mainly fiction and this blog site. various essays, opinions, observations, etc. a typical blog i guess. thanks for wondering. any special reason you ask? just curious?

        the “miss” thing is funny because i have often called customer service numbers and they’ll say, “miss, please hold on while i check that.” people who know me are amazed that my voice might sound female, but it happens too often to ignore.

      • i wasn’t thrilled about it. she wasn’t a hero. i’m in NJ, where she’s from, and the governor ordered flags at half staff for her. it was wrong. she wasn’t a role model, she wasn’t a hero. she’s wasn’t working for the public. she had stark negatives that were too big to be dismissed because of her positives. i thought the writing was sappy, misguided, and misinformed. good intentions, but inaccurate.

        your thoughts?

      • grrrrr!!! i can’t tell you HOW many freshly pressed things i read that are incredibly stupid and have nothing at all to say, and there’s a million comments about it! last week was a blog entry about how someone has trouble keeping up with their blog entries. i left a comment that said: “oh, a blog about blogging. so original.” and the writer gave me this cheery “thanks!!” i wanted to say – you idiot!!

      • I sometimes wonder what they’re thinking, too. The best FP’s I read were Queen of the Ciych, Fibromy Awesome and the Problem with Young People today, though I haven’t seen him lately and after a while tholught he was too formulaic.

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