– ghostly encounter II

The contents of this picture are unimportant.  It’s what it represents that counts.

 Last week, four people were sitting around the kitchen table.  Kid younger was telling a story about something when suddenly something just appeared in the air in front of her face.  There’s no other way to say it.  All four people saw the same event:  a small piece of something just plain materialized out of nothing, hung in the air for a split second, and fell to the table in front of my daughter.  This the also the daughter who has seen ghostly images and had one short conversation with “something,” but all that was at her mother’s house.  Not my house.

 After the “something” landed on the table, everyone looked at each other wondering who could have possibly been responsible because we all knew that we, ourselves, were not responsible.  She was sitting to my right, and the object appeared roughly three inches in front of her face, then splat on the table.  To her, it seemed to come towards her from the opposite side of the table, as if the person opposite her had tossed it.  However, I know that’s not possible because I would have seen it trail through the air across the table.  It didn’t.  It was just – there.

 The actual object is a small piece of a fried egg.  It’s about ¾ of an inch long, slightly less than half an inch wide.  Some of us were eating eggs that morning, and it seemed consistent with how the eggs were made.  However, all of us with eggs – ours were still hot.  This piece was very cold.

 We’ve been watching A LOT of paranormal shows on television.  I watch them knowing it’s all crap.  The rest of us watch with a “maybe.”  I’ve often wondered what I might do if were ever to encounter a real situation in which I thought it had to be something paranormal.  I’ve always assumed I would freak out, mainly because if there are “things” amongst us, then that means they’re likely always amongst us, and that means they’re watching when I’m in the bathroom.  That would be the freakiest thing of all.

 But this?  I am 100% certain it really happened as described.  I’m also 100% certain that I’m not freaked out by it.  My only concern is whether or not this is the same “thing” that haunts her mother’s house.  That thing has horns and claws, and it occasionally growls.  I’m hoping it didn’t travel over here.  I’d take the ex before I would take the demon in her house.  Although they might be interchangeable.

 Kids, don’t read that.

2 thoughts on “– ghostly encounter II

  1. OOh I know who are now! (You just left a comment on my page… I couldn’t place the blog name so I came over.) Hello!

    I am totally into the paranormal. I watch this stuff on TV all the time, I don’t think I would want this to happen to me but I have stories 🙂 I do… dreams and the like of people who have passed. Very interesting stuff.

    Wait… HAHAHAHA! You’d take the ex over the demon although they may be interchangeable? oooh nooooo! That is TOO FUNNY!

    I think these things are very interesting, I don’t know that I myself would like to come face to face with anything in particular and I’m not brave enough to go into an old haunted building while orbs and sounds are all around me, however, it’s very interesting. There is life out there … Well, not “life” so to speak, you know what I mean. (I hope)

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