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a farm in mays landing, nj.  i pass this every day, rain, shine, snow, whatever.  i’ve taken several pictures of this area, including a cool rainbow, which i should find and post here too.  grrr.
where’s waldo? – disneyworld, fla
we were in epcot center and had just come out of the “figment” ride when the kids had to use the restroom.  while waiting, i noticed the interesting side of the pavilion, mirrored, and the cornflower blue sky above, intermittent clouds.  i tried ti keep myself out of the picture, but it didn’t work out.  ten feet away, kids were whizzing.  go figure.
pee wee


 this was pee wee.  he was a good dog, but i didn’t realize how good until he died and i could then compare him to his annoying sister.  he was sleeping on a chair, and i was messing with the aperture settings on my camera.  this was one of about 20 pictures i took at various degrees of exposure.  he looks kind of angelic, which makes sense because that’s where he might be.  with angels.  if you want to believe that stuff.

christmas night - medford lakes, nj

 i think the caption says everything there is to say.

gingerbread house - richwood, nj

 you can have a bigger house, and you can have more lights, but it’s probably not going to “feel” more like christmas than this house.

lake champion, ny

 my daughter belongs to a religious group that has a yearly winter weekend retreat in upstate new york.  i went along last year, not for the relgiousness but for the scenery, and also to spend extra time with my daughter.  it had snowed heavily last year, but this particular weekend was rather warm.  the warmer air hovered over the snow and ice and made for some rather foggy conditions.

july 4 - mantua, nj

 i was on my way home from home depot and saw the late afternoon sun backlighting the flag through the frame of the trees.  i spun a u-turn, then another, then got this while hoping nobody came out of the house and chased me away.

22 thoughts on “– random

  1. that’s a coincidence about the upstate one because just tonight she left for that same camp weekend from a year ago where that pic was taken. spoooooky!!!

    • was on a trip with my daughter’s religious group for a weekend retreat. had never been there, didn’t know much about the group, and i’m not big on organized religion. but it was not heavy on bible stuff. just a group of nice people keeping kids off the streets. and a nice camp.

      • It was beautiful! (not into organized religion either) I bet you guys had a lovely time.

      • yes did. they invite parents along so we can see how they operate, how good they are with kids, just how much is done with religion. out of a friday night to sunday afternoon, there might have been two hours total given to relgious discussion. the only part that bothered me was that out of about a thousand kids – i was the ONLY parent who went on the trip. who knows? maybe many other parents had made the trip before, and they were satisfied, so they didn’t need to go on this one. but it was the first for my kid.

      • Hahaha..you were the Only one. That’s funny. Bravo to you for going. I bet your daughter enjoyed you being there and that’s all that matters.

      • she did. and with most things she does, i ask her if she wants me to go because i know there will be a day when it’ll be annoying to have her father following around. but i gave her lots of space, and every time i ask if she wants or doesn’t want me along, she always says that it’s up to me.

    • oh, the sleeping dog? that was pee wee. took it while playing with exposure settings on my camera. he died about a year later, and i had the picture blown up nice, but people were upset by it. said it was too soon. oh well.

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