obvious question 1: job cuts

there have been just a few too many job cuts recenty. bus boys, home depot, the healthcare industry, ibm, microsoft, ford, pfizer, gm, citigroup, the nba, mlb, and the list goes waaaay toooo on. but here’s my suspicion:

what if some of these job cuts aren’t necessary? what if some of these companies really don’t need to cut these jobs? what if some of these companies are saying to themselves, “hey. everyone else is laying off people. what if we laid off some people and just let everyone believe that it’s all because of the economy? sure. we can tell everyone that the whole job picture in general is mega-bleak, and we’re part of it too. so we can lay off people now and the rest of the country will just assume that we’re as fallible as everyone else. the general public will just believe that we had to make these cuts, just like all these other companies. if so, then of course nobody will hold it against us. right?”

today a guy in california shot his wife, his five children, and then himself, all because he and his wife were both fired or laid off. these are the real casualties. these are the people who are so embarassed by their financial situation that they will not allow their kids to suffer through it. i don’t care how bad the economy gets, it’s not an excuse to take the life of a child. if you want to take yourself off this planet because you’re feeling kind of silly, then go ahead. we’re already overpopulated, so everyone who leaves makes a little room for the next guy. but don’t you dare take your kids with you. the only reason you did that is because you don’t want your kids to grow up knowing what a wimp-ass, vanity-driven, ego-maniacal fool their father was. kill yourself, no problem. kill a child, i hope you burn somewhere. and you, dude who claimed your wife was a willing pawn in the plot – i doubt it. i’m certain that you didn’t want her surviving you and living with the embarassment of whom she was once married to.

what say you?

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