sports uniforms

it’s no secret that i love sports, but i also love sports uniforms – except basketball.  i like watching for subtle changes, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  let’s talk about bad and ugly.

i hate the new vikings unforms, mainly because i don’t like the new purple color.

here’s the old       

and the new.
the cinncinati reds have the most boring uniforms in baseball.
although i love the yankees, the atlanta braves have the best uniforms.
the mets, with pinstripes, are excellent too:
as for colors, no teams should be allowed to wear black except:
boston bruins
pittsburgh steelers
oakland raiders
in case you’re interested, the chicago bears aren’t black.  they’re a really deep navy blue.  no baseball team should ever wear a black jersey.  no football team should have a black alternate jersey.  like these by the eagles:
in fact, no team should have any alternate uniforms, especially something like this insult to one of the greatest sports teams in history:
and finally, the best sports jersey ever, which is not at all one of my favorite teams:

2 thoughts on “sports uniforms

  1. a word about uniforms…when the gators got those stupid new uniforms with the pants that looked like assless chaps and the white helmets…the team fell apart. it was like they lost their mojo. when the got rid of them and went back to the orange helmets, they won. coincidence?I think not. uniforms are important.ask superman.

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