who dat? no, really, who da hell dat?

congrats to the saints.  after more than 40 years of nothing, you did it, and you beat one of the best quarterbacks to ever pick up a ball.  it was a great game on both sides of the ball, including special teams in a big way.

nobody comes to my blog to read about the superbowl, so i won’t recap the game. 

but there is one thing that i have to ask:

what the hell was kim kardashian doing on the nfl network set after the game?  just because she’s currently greasing up reggie bush, we have to watch her bring the show to a grinding halt?  we had to watch as rich eisen, already known to pay too much attention to pretty women who aren’t his wife, actually stopped talking long enough to watch kardashian prance her way to the stage?

and to make matters worse, she totally shut the man up.  there’s reggie, his big moment, super bowl champ, and media whore kk takes the stage to tell everyone how much the game meant to reggie.  WTF?  yo’ biatch!  in case you didn’t notice, reggie was actually there.  let HIM tell us how important the game was.  we don’t want to hear from you unless you’re asking us if we want the heels on or off.  other than that, i don’t want to see your mouth open unless something is going in and not if something is coming out.

someone please remind her that she’s only famous for two things: 

1. her father helped OJ go free. 
2. a big ass.

what say you?

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